Monday, April 30, 2012

One of those moments when all is right with the world

The view from where I sit
This was my view from my seat last evening in the garden. Such a busy weekend, and Sunday evening, I sat for a moment to just rest a few, and to see what was unfolding before me. Spring in all of its glory. The scent of the wisteria floating all around me, and right behind it, the growing patch of tiny Lily-of-the-Valley, fragrant beyond belief. Lilac in full bloom, just now opening up to share its old fashioned fragrance with us.

In this moment there was no worry of weeds, chores to be done, items left unfinished or mulch needing to be spread. It was pure of-the-moment, letting the garden provide to me a moment of solace and peacefulness. But soon it was made even better...

I love everything about this photo

See how much better the picture is?  I hope you notice how perfectly located that lilac is for AdRi to take in its perfume. Love it, love them, love this garden.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Woof: an update from Diego

Someone really likes car rides
You may know me as Diego, but I also go by SeƱor Diego El Perro. You, my friends, may call me Diego. I've completed my first phase of dog training courses, and I know my name, how to sit, lay down, and I'm getting pretty good at stay. Except if someone knocks on the door and then all bets are off: I need to protect mi casa! If you can't tell, I'm bilingual. Si, si se puede. Gracias a dios I'm no longer being dragged by my harness around the neighborhood: I've learned to actually walk on a leash and surprisingly, I like it. Me gusta. Now let me tell you something. Lean in. It's muy importante. I like meat, and I especially like carne asada. If there is meat being prepared in this house, which seems to be hardly ever, I let mis madres know I want it. Jump bark jump bark jump bark repeat. Aye yie yie. Just dame my carne asada and I shall love you forever. Comprende mi amor?

P.S. Note from Lelo: I really hope you just read that in the voice of Antonio Banderas, because that is how Diego speaks.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Does this photo scare you?

Crazy things going on over here
It may scare me. But after living in our craftsman bungalow for the past fourteen years, which is now 101 years old, there's always a project to do. This year it's repainting the house trim. Not the house color itself, just the trim. And while we're at it, why not repaint the accent color (which is currently salmon). And heck, let's go all out and paint a garage wall facing the back patio a deep cobalt blue (seen above in photo).

As for the back patio wall and that blue..... getting these colors right is tricky. I'm thinking some inspiration from Frida and Diego's garden, which we actually visited in person a few years ago...
Frida Kahlo's House in Mexico City
Frida y Diego lived here
We'll forego the red trim, and the blue needs to be pulled in a little for being here in the light of the Northwest. But I think we may actually pull it off.

As for the house trim, I'll miss our salmon door...
May day
But the new bright yellow/green should look pretty fantastic with the existing green house color. I like the playfulness of the accent color: our garden sets the tone for a house that doesn't take itself too seriously, so the accent color is definitely doable. But still. It makes me a little nervous. Ah well. It's only paint. Right?

Some Monday inspiration for you

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rain + Sunshine + Rain + Sunshine = Portland Spring

It poured rain last night. Pounding on the skylight upstairs, I layed in bed listening, in awe, to how hard it was raining. Today the drizzle continues, but then like it is in our spring, the clouds parted and blue sky loomed brilliantly outside. Diego sat in the window barking at the people suddenly all out walking their dog. Yes I have deadlines, yes I have work, but I also have a rare opportunity right now, and a sweet dog looking at me longingly. Off we went.
We go for walk now?
spring blooms in portland
It's blooming spring right now in Portland. Not quite yet for the rhodies or the azaleas–their garish color show starts soon. We took in the sight of camellias hanging heavy with blooms, leaning over fences staring at us eye to eye.
camellias peek over fences
Camellias and their dainty girlish light pink flowers weighed down with heaviness of rain and soggy blooms, but still amazingly delicious.
camellia petal snow
Their heavy petals scattering and covering the ground.
camellia petal snow on the sidewalk
The fragrant daphne blooms are on their last legs but scenting the air strongly now is the evergreen clematis. We smelled this one before we saw it.
fragrant clematis
I'm so grateful for how far Diego has come since he came to live with us. I'm no longer the woman showing her dog how to walk on a leash by half dragging him through the neighborhood. And when the sun comes out, off we go. Have to take it when you can get it: the sun waits for no one.
get out in the sunshine when you can

Monday, April 02, 2012

The Shih Tzu Head Tilt

The Shih Tzu Head Tilt
Diego? Diablo? Diego? Diablo? Is your name Diego or is it Diablo?
And so it goes, the conversation with my dog Diego. The questioning makes him tilt his head. First to the left, then to the right. Repeat. The other thing that makes him tilt his head? Saying carne asada in a thick Spanish accent and rolling the r. He loves it. Maybe I forgot to tell you. Diego is bilingual. And he goes bonkers for carne asada.

But then today, the following news story was reported over the wire:

Portland, Oregon; Today in North Portland a small, maltese-shih-tzu was given its first bath by its owner, LeLo of Portsmouth. It was a traumatic affair but much needed after 5 days of horrible dog diarrhea and torrential rains.

During today's bath there were reports of much panicking, water spilling, and chaos. Diego LoRi was seen climbing all over LeLo, up her arm and attempting to jump from the kitchen sink. LeLo deftly handled the quick little dog, and though there was a hope for a two-step of shampoo and then conditioner, LeLo opted for just the shampoo.

"Before today's episode, I thought I could just blow dry him on the counter after the bath," said LeLo. "Boy, was I wrong about that!"

LeLo was seen, completely drenched herself in water, carrying Diego LoRi to the bathroom, swaddled in a towel, for a closed door session of blow drying and brushing. While Diego LoRi did not like the blow dryer one bit, attempting to bite and bark at it, he had no option in the small room but to take it like a man and get his hair fluffed. "Woof woof YAP yap" he says.

LeLo is looking forward to the next bath with optimism. "After today's escapades, it can only get better."