Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rain + Sunshine + Rain + Sunshine = Portland Spring

It poured rain last night. Pounding on the skylight upstairs, I layed in bed listening, in awe, to how hard it was raining. Today the drizzle continues, but then like it is in our spring, the clouds parted and blue sky loomed brilliantly outside. Diego sat in the window barking at the people suddenly all out walking their dog. Yes I have deadlines, yes I have work, but I also have a rare opportunity right now, and a sweet dog looking at me longingly. Off we went.
We go for walk now?
spring blooms in portland
It's blooming spring right now in Portland. Not quite yet for the rhodies or the azaleas–their garish color show starts soon. We took in the sight of camellias hanging heavy with blooms, leaning over fences staring at us eye to eye.
camellias peek over fences
Camellias and their dainty girlish light pink flowers weighed down with heaviness of rain and soggy blooms, but still amazingly delicious.
camellia petal snow
Their heavy petals scattering and covering the ground.
camellia petal snow on the sidewalk
The fragrant daphne blooms are on their last legs but scenting the air strongly now is the evergreen clematis. We smelled this one before we saw it.
fragrant clematis
I'm so grateful for how far Diego has come since he came to live with us. I'm no longer the woman showing her dog how to walk on a leash by half dragging him through the neighborhood. And when the sun comes out, off we go. Have to take it when you can get it: the sun waits for no one.
get out in the sunshine when you can

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MulchMaid said...

Not many women could resist such a little sweetheart. Thanks for sharing both his charms, and those of your neighborhood. Great to meet you Saturday!