Monday, April 02, 2012

The Shih Tzu Head Tilt

The Shih Tzu Head Tilt
Diego? Diablo? Diego? Diablo? Is your name Diego or is it Diablo?
And so it goes, the conversation with my dog Diego. The questioning makes him tilt his head. First to the left, then to the right. Repeat. The other thing that makes him tilt his head? Saying carne asada in a thick Spanish accent and rolling the r. He loves it. Maybe I forgot to tell you. Diego is bilingual. And he goes bonkers for carne asada.

But then today, the following news story was reported over the wire:

Portland, Oregon; Today in North Portland a small, maltese-shih-tzu was given its first bath by its owner, LeLo of Portsmouth. It was a traumatic affair but much needed after 5 days of horrible dog diarrhea and torrential rains.

During today's bath there were reports of much panicking, water spilling, and chaos. Diego LoRi was seen climbing all over LeLo, up her arm and attempting to jump from the kitchen sink. LeLo deftly handled the quick little dog, and though there was a hope for a two-step of shampoo and then conditioner, LeLo opted for just the shampoo.

"Before today's episode, I thought I could just blow dry him on the counter after the bath," said LeLo. "Boy, was I wrong about that!"

LeLo was seen, completely drenched herself in water, carrying Diego LoRi to the bathroom, swaddled in a towel, for a closed door session of blow drying and brushing. While Diego LoRi did not like the blow dryer one bit, attempting to bite and bark at it, he had no option in the small room but to take it like a man and get his hair fluffed. "Woof woof YAP yap" he says.

LeLo is looking forward to the next bath with optimism. "After today's escapades, it can only get better."


Zoe said...

Diego! I am glad this cuteness has come into your life (and you into his). He's wonderful!

danger garden said...

Cutie patutie!

Cheryl (Desert Diva) said...

What a handsome boy - and totally worth the grooming "trauma!"

Heather said...

That bow tie is killing me. How you can you ever be mad at that sweet face?

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i love the gender accessories. the bow tie vs winks bows and boots. i am having some carrots today. and thinking of wink. (fyi -- a shreaded carrot recipe from alice waters. really good. look it up. or let me know if you want me to send it to you.)