Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chasing brussel sprouts

Brussel sprouts before
I've had a hankerin' for brussel sprouts. This love o' the brussel has come on with the weather change and I've made them a few times this season. Super simple to make, and super fresh and in season right now. You can simply steam them and serve with a little butter and some herbs, or just squeeze a lemon on them. You can halve them and roast them in the oven with lemon peel, garlic and some olive oil, then toss with fresh parmesan. Or even the way I made them this week, sauted and carmelized with brown sugar. (Do check out that link: lots of fun food photos and cooking going on there at Tracy's place, and she's doing NaBloPoMo)
Brussel sprouts after
I'd do the recipe again, probably a little less of the brown sugar. Really good brussel sprouts just don't need a whole lot of dress up, especially if they're fresh and local.
Oh, and kudos to Jess! She made Lelo's Autumn Risotto—vegan style....mmmmmmm. Yeah Jess!


Unknown said...

I love to cook, but I'm ashamed to say that I've never made brussel sprouts. I can see that's going to change. Thanks for the fantastic link.

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited that you made these! sometimes the sugar can be too much! You just have to taste as you go ;)

Anonymous said...

So when I was shopping for the sweet potatoes and risotto I saw these beautiful ropes of brussel sprouts. I thought, "I need to figure out how to cook those." Then I came home and saw your post. Sometimes I wonder if you are in my head.
Thanks for the recipe. We'll be celebrating Veteran's Day Observance with carmelized brussel sprouts. My mouth is watering already.

Rozanne said...

Love sprouts!

I cooked some last week (braised them), and they were great.

I may try that brown sugar recipe next time. I think going easier on the brown sugar sounds like a good idea.

Monogram Queen said...

I LOVE brussel sprouts and squash but the hubs hates them :( Maybe i'll make some just for me this weekend!

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to make them this way, and last night I did. Although my genius friend said, "let's saute them in some duck fat!" which of course made them extra fatty and extra good.

Thanks for the recipe.