Monday, December 15, 2008

Mexican Chocolate Martini

Chocolate martini makes everything good
Mexican chocolate can be very, very good. And it's even better when its flavor is used to inspire a drink. And even better when it's a martini drink. So I have three variations for you, depending on if you like your chocolate flavored spicy with pepper, or infused with cinnamon, or mellowed with the flavor of coffee.

It all starts with a shot glass and a martini shaker. Fill your shaker with ice and then add...
1 shot Chocolate Vodka (Three Olives makes a good one)
1 shot Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
And now either mix with 1 shot Kahlua (if you're going the coffee route), Goldschlager (if you're going the cinnamon route) or Absolut Pepper (if you're going the spicy pepper route).
Shake it, pour, and top with a dash of chocolate milk.

Who says you can't start a party with chocolate?!


Anonymous said...

Chocolate Vodka Drink not chocolate martini.

A martini has gin or vodka, vermouth, and an olive. Nothing else. No lemon, no onion (that would make it a gibson, not a martini) no olive juice, no crazy flavours.

Just pure gin or vodka, vermouth, and an olive.

LeLo said...

OOooh, a purist! Cristin, I have to admit that just about anything I put in a martini glass I call a martini, so my bad. Can I call it a Mexican Chocolate Vodka Martini?

Karolcooks said...

I will also call anything in a martini glass a martini. I'm not a purist, just a stylish martini model :)


Rozanne said...

Wow. You're using Goldschlager like a pro!

LeLo said...

Rozanne, Goldschlager must be pronounced with a heavy accent while imagining Goldfinger and Austin Powers. Right?

Anonymous said...

Yum, chocolate with a peppery zing - must try!