Monday, December 15, 2008

Posole, Flan and a Chocolate Martini

celebrating virgin of guadalupe dinner
I promised you a food post as a follow up to the Virgin of Guadalupe party, but because it’s the holidays and because I’m a giver, I’m going to give you three separate posts and one general overview. I know! Give, give, give.

The Posole Pachanga included chocolate martinis, tostadas with homemade beans, shredded chicken cooked in tomatillo salsa (made and canned this summer), queso fresco, and a little bit of cabbage, followed by posole. And oh yes, there was flan, too.
Loteria, chicle, tequila
And of course, a little loteria. With tequila. Good times, good times. And now for the recipes…

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Anonymous said...

Did you have a Posole recipe on here? I thought I saw one day not so long ago. Any suggestions?