Friday, March 30, 2007

The best letter to the editor of The Oregonian

I know how to bitch. My brother refers to me as dramatron. I snipe, critique and comment. And I know where I get this skill (thank you mom and dad!). In reality, I don’t know how bad I am on the dramatron scale, but my other half does keep me in check. Sometimes here on this blog is a place for me to share (note this post is coded Things that get my panties in a bunch). And I wonder if I bitch too much. (Trust me: I could bitch a whole lot more.) Rozanne is attempting to be a bit more positive in her blogging : props to Rozanne! Whatever.

But then I read this letter to the editor in today’s Oregonian. Neil C. Andersen, you know how to bitch!
Leave your dog at home
I just left a grocery store where a woman in her early 70’s had a dog in her cart like a child. It was not a hearing or sight-aid dog, just a medium-sized smelly dog. I mentioned it to four employees of the store, and none would address the lady.
I thought there was at least an Oregon statute about dogs in food areas that weren’t service dogs. I called the local police and they said that it was an individual store policy and they would not respond. After further investigation with the store management, I was advised that they believe this falls under the American with Disabilities Act. The dog is a “comfort animal,” they say, and the store has no plans to do anything about it.
I think that’s about as close to becoming French as we can get, and a misuse of the ADA, making it an entitlement to do whatever the individual wants regardless of how it affects anyone else.
Neil C. Andersen, Dallas

I’ve highlighted the really good bits I liked in his letter, and note that he not only bitched to himself, but he called the store, and the police, and is now writing the statewide paper. But the best part? The reference to becoming French. I would actually take that as a compliment.

What prompted this rant about bitching? Well, it’s the last workday of the month, and it’s now been 3 ½ months of renovation and construction in this damn house and it’s not done. What. The. Hell. Don’t make me call the police (Hello, AdRi? I’m pissed!) or the store management (Hello, Wink?). No, no no: my panties are bunched until this thing is done. And if anyone wants to tell me to be patient and remember how wonderful it’s going to be, I’ll point you to this post and remind you my kitchen has consisted of a microwave set up in the basement of the house, and I’m now working out of my home launching my own business! If I go to one more meeting with drywall dust on my clothes I’m gonna get French citizenship!

P.S. If anyone suggests the whole purple bracelet movement you're dead. And yes I'm talking to you, Purple Twinkie.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What are you listening to today?

I'm listening to Oregon Public Broadcasting. But these crazy cats, are listening to...

Stevie Wonder:

House Music:




Techno (on ecstasy):

Props to my favorite reader in Philly for sending this gem along...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring smells so good

smells so good
Deep inhale, and relax. Spring is here, and look at this, smells so good. Needed something pretty to look at and found this blooming its head off out in the garden. Clippity clip clip, now it's inside. Or a very small part of it is.

Finished painting the living room yesterday. Love it. Saw the light come through the window just so yesterday and snappity snap snap: got this for you.
It's rich and thick and pretty. The paint itself looked like melted chocolate ice cream as we poured it into the pan.

Happy Monday peeps!
goodbye orange, hello chocolate milk

Friday, March 23, 2007

I think it's time for Bunny Cake

The trees here in Portland are frothy with blooms, daffodils are up and cheery, and Easter is around the corner. I think it may be time for Bunny Cake. If I had a kitchen, that is. Word is, we're approaching the end in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we've been painting the living room (the walls had been torn open for running pipes to the second floor), including all of that trim. More to finish this weekend.
Here are the colors we were considering, all from the Aura (low VOC) line from Benjamin Moore...
oh so many options
We keep losing our stir sticks for the paint. And then finding them hidden away by Wink. The sneaky little devil likes painting supplies, and here I actually caught her in action...
the thief in action
caught red handed
Plate? Paper plate? I don't know what you're talking about.
So half of the living room is done and painted...
"The Conservatory"
More painting this weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The realities of living in North Portland

Gentrification this, gentrification that. I just watched my neighbor's truck get jacked and towed away, along with a police escort. That could only mean a repossession. He's a former employee of Freightliner. A few years back, another neighbor employee of Freightliner had his house repossessed. It's not all loveliness out here in NoPo: it's also about working folk losing their livelihoods.
***UPDATE***According to "the expert" in the house when it comes to police action, it probably wasn't a repossession if there was a cop there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wrong wrong wrong wrong

Watching this makes me want to go take a shower and cleanse myself. Just so wrong on so many levels. Prize goes to whoever can watch it all the way through to the end.

Monday, March 19, 2007

To my fellow L Word devotees

I love The L Word. Love it, hate it, it's lovely lesbian drama, and this season is redeeming itself from last season's atrocities. However. I'm so sick of these promotions I refuse to watch The Tudors.

P.S. RSG, who on The L Word is the doily dyke? That's what I really want to know.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why use new wood when you can use old?

We're using reclaimed fir from an old Portland building in our new kitchen. I wish I knew its history. Here it is in one of the three areas where it will be...
one of three areas with reclaimed fir
The worm holes and knotholes have been sealed up with a clear resin, so you can still see them, but the surface is smooth. I love that it has history and that it's not just being tossed aside, but given another life.
reclaimed fir close up

Monday, March 12, 2007

The amazing things people said during testimony for Senate Bill 2

Why is it that anti-discrimination and basic rights issues to protect Oregon's GLBTQ community, brings out the most hateful, ridiculous and appalling statements. More than that, they're actually pretty humorous for their ridiculousness. Here are a few favorites, if you can call them that.
in 2007, amazing things people say
And the person I had a hard time not looking at, was this enduring person, who sat perfectly situated behind the speakers. God bless you blue shirt person: that was one long ass day. Basic fairness, basic rights: absolutely.

Charles Starr is an ignoramous: Senate House Bill 2 testimony serves up quotes

Thanks to a heads up and link via Portland Mercury's Blogtown, I tuned into the testimony this afternoon on the anti-discrimination bill, Senate House Bill 2. It would prohibit discrimination at work and for housing based upon sexual identity here in Oregon.* Lucky for me I got to witness the brainiac from the Oregon Family Council fumble through his testimony but throw out the huge concerns that with this bill, a man could just throw on a skirt and walk into a lady's shower. OH MY GOD TELL ME IT COULDN'T REALLY HAPPEN!

I was so proud of the politicians standing up to support it, and business leaders stepping forward as well (including Nike). But testimony like this brings out the brainiacs who say things I thought could only be left behind in 1959. That brings us to my favorite brainiac, Charles Starr. I've blogged about Charlie before and today he brought a few zingers. Thanks to his testimony today, I've been enlighted that "sodomy is still illegal in 22 states." I've also learned that homosexuals are intent on destroying this country's morals, or as he said it, "For the first time under the rule of the law, a small minority—an economically affluent minority—...would force their moral values upon the rest of us." Hey! I'm affluent! But Charlie didn't stop there, and continued with zingers such as "We should never recognize a class of people who are identified by the sexual practices that they engage in, their sex acts are unhealthy!" and "Lord jesus as his lord and savior, the passage of this bill is a frontal attack against Christians." Oh I just didn't realize that, Charles! Of course! Your ability to fire your GLBTQ employees simply because you don't like they're gay should be protected as an act of Christian faith.

I want to know more about a situation Charles referred to..."In Pennsylvania, two grandmothers were simply doing a little street witnessing to their faith, and were tried and convicted of hate crimes against homosexuals." For some reason, I don't think those sweet little grandmothers were just doing a little street witnessing. If anyone knows the truth about that story, let me know. Because I don't believe one thing that comes out of Charles Starr's mouth. And I certainly hope no one in Salem does either.
*I can only imagine what testimony will be delivered for the other bill soon to hit the floors, civil unions! I must have popcorn for that one.

Sweet Spring

It's feeling like spring. Trees are blooming, bulbs are up, and the bright yellow daffodils are hanging their wet little heads. It's lovely. And this time change? Sweet jesus, I love it. I was done with the long dark days of Winter. LOVE THIS EARLY DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME CHANGE! Yes, I yelled that. Sorry if I hurt your eardrums.

And this sweet little illustration is from a birthday card I received from my grandma for my fifth birthday. It's how I feel today. The illustration is now the invite to my niece's 4th birthday party. And the cool thing? She's named after the woman who sent me the card to begin with.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holy mother of god! This remodel is really happening...

...and I think these photos prove it. Just when I've gotten used to the dirt and dust and mess and disruption and my whining (I know it hasn't been pretty), they kick it into gear and check this out. It really is happening now. I give you, the kitchen with cabinets...
new kitchen...looking towards dining room
Remember no surface or counters are in yet, but hey! There's an island! And it's not just a spot marked off with tape on the floor. I'm pinching myself with disbelief.
So here's looking the other direction from the same area, these windows used to be in the little nook, which is now open to the whole room...
new kitchen...looking towards windows to garden
And the upstairs bathroom you ask? Yes, it even has a floor!
cabinet in the bathroom
And the shower, the sweet sweet shower...
oh sweet shower to be
It even has a bench:
bench in the shower
Oh I can taste the end people. It's on the horizon. I give it one more month and hopefully it's done. And you know what else? We had sunshine this past week. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. My winter of dark renovation may be coming to an end.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tell me why men still make more money than women?!

Say what you will about Hillary, this video rocks. I continue to be amazed that in this day and age, a woman earns 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. And if you’re latina? 56 cents. There’s something very wrong with those numbers. Rock on Hillary.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Queer visibility

How good is your gaydar? I used to think I didn't have one, but now I think I can tell. AdRi says I say everyone is gay. (They probably are.) But I **really** like looking at old photos of queer life and people: can you imagine risking your life to go to a secret bar? I think there were certain code words, like "bachelor farmer" or "spinster." I can't imagine living in a place or time like that, where the reality of your life is kept secret. Yet so many people today still do.

A friend sent the following photo to me yesterday...
Ah, the gals. I love this photo. They're smokin' cigars.

And for my readers in the Portland area, there's a great show this month at Q Center, featuring photos from Portland's LGBTQ history. The photos are from David Grant Kohl’s book “A Curious and Peculiar People” subtitled “A History of the Metropolitan Community Church in Portland and the Sexual Minority Communities of Northwest Oregon.” What do you think Portland was like for us 50 years ago? What could it have been like to be a transgender doctor (pictured below)?

I don't know what that would be like, but I like to know my history, my culture and people who came before me. You can read more about the show here.