Friday, March 30, 2007

The best letter to the editor of The Oregonian

I know how to bitch. My brother refers to me as dramatron. I snipe, critique and comment. And I know where I get this skill (thank you mom and dad!). In reality, I don’t know how bad I am on the dramatron scale, but my other half does keep me in check. Sometimes here on this blog is a place for me to share (note this post is coded Things that get my panties in a bunch). And I wonder if I bitch too much. (Trust me: I could bitch a whole lot more.) Rozanne is attempting to be a bit more positive in her blogging : props to Rozanne! Whatever.

But then I read this letter to the editor in today’s Oregonian. Neil C. Andersen, you know how to bitch!
Leave your dog at home
I just left a grocery store where a woman in her early 70’s had a dog in her cart like a child. It was not a hearing or sight-aid dog, just a medium-sized smelly dog. I mentioned it to four employees of the store, and none would address the lady.
I thought there was at least an Oregon statute about dogs in food areas that weren’t service dogs. I called the local police and they said that it was an individual store policy and they would not respond. After further investigation with the store management, I was advised that they believe this falls under the American with Disabilities Act. The dog is a “comfort animal,” they say, and the store has no plans to do anything about it.
I think that’s about as close to becoming French as we can get, and a misuse of the ADA, making it an entitlement to do whatever the individual wants regardless of how it affects anyone else.
Neil C. Andersen, Dallas

I’ve highlighted the really good bits I liked in his letter, and note that he not only bitched to himself, but he called the store, and the police, and is now writing the statewide paper. But the best part? The reference to becoming French. I would actually take that as a compliment.

What prompted this rant about bitching? Well, it’s the last workday of the month, and it’s now been 3 ½ months of renovation and construction in this damn house and it’s not done. What. The. Hell. Don’t make me call the police (Hello, AdRi? I’m pissed!) or the store management (Hello, Wink?). No, no no: my panties are bunched until this thing is done. And if anyone wants to tell me to be patient and remember how wonderful it’s going to be, I’ll point you to this post and remind you my kitchen has consisted of a microwave set up in the basement of the house, and I’m now working out of my home launching my own business! If I go to one more meeting with drywall dust on my clothes I’m gonna get French citizenship!

P.S. If anyone suggests the whole purple bracelet movement you're dead. And yes I'm talking to you, Purple Twinkie.


Ja'AmLo said...

be patient and remember how wonderful it’s going to be

LeLo said...

Jason, also known as my brother, you better be careful or you're soon going to be on the e mail list for and receive a package of those bracelets AND I'll teach your daughters how to tell daddy not to complain so much.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me on one hand that the Oregonian would actually bother with a letter like that. It makes it feel like a small-town rag. And then I remember that it is, at least, a rag sometimes, so maybe I'm not surprised.

But on the other hand, props to the Oregonian for letting people have a say about what's important to them, and props to Neil for being passionate. That, in and of itself, makes it worth it.

witchtrivets said...

A "comfort dog." I like that. I also have a smelly comfort dog, but he is too big to fit in a grocery cart.

I feel your pain on the whole living in a construction zone. The people working on my house are taking for-effing-ever. I just want a working kitchen and to be able to take a bath or a shower or something that normal people do. These workpeople are not getting my business again for sure and they are going to get a serious talking to -- oh wait, I guess I'll be giving myself a serious talking to.

But three months for a working shower? I think that is excessive and I also have lost touch with how great it will be.

This all is to be file under the "seemed like a good idea at the time" category.

purpletwinkie said...

Uh, no. I don't support the "a complaint free world" campaign, I support the "MAN, YOU NEED TO GET LAID" campaign.

Neva said...

I have a purple bracelet that says SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAS LUPUS. But I could one for the "MAN, YOU NEED TO GET LAID" campaign.

There's no way I'm giving up my ability and God given right to bitch and complain.

And I only wish my life was that carefree where I could get my panties in a bunch over over a small dog in a grocery store. Why am I not surprised this dude lives in Dallas?

Rozanne said...

Notice that ever since I resolved to be more positive in my blog posts, I haven't managed to write a single entry.

It's hard to crack through these long-established habits.

Anonymous said...

Oh, fuck being positive. Oh wait, I was trying to do that too. I think Ginger and Wink certainly fall under the "comfort dog" criteria.

Anonymous said...

He could have scored a few points had he compared the dog to a smelly French person.

Anonymous said...

Children, children, you're using your real names. I thought that was a no no. Hugs, Mom

Monogram Queen said...

Oh that purpletwinkie - such a trouble maker!

I worked in a grocery store deli (first job at 16) I saw people with dogs, a snake, spider.... now that is worth a complaint. A friggin' snake or spider in my book. You just bitch on honey cos' you are entitled. I say so.