About me

I believe the power of good will always overcome the bad and strive to continually have a glass half full. Notice I said strive, because it’s not always easy.
I live in North Portland, Oregon in a hundred year old house with the love of my life–my partner AdRi and a pair of artists named Diego and Frida.
I am an overachiever. There I said it. I admit it. Here at Lelo Homemade I journal my thoughts on creativity, home arts and life, but professionally, I’m an award winning creative consultant. I also write the lifestyle column Cultivating Life in Oregon's LGBTQ newspaper, PQ Monthly. 
I create every day. Sometimes I document it here, sometimes it shows up in my personal writing or artwork, and a lot of times it manifests in the work I do for clients. This creative engine is what drives me, inspires me, and I am inspired by…

  • nature
  • the Northwest
  • muralists
  • stone stackers
  • musicians
  • do-gooders
  • rabble rousers
  • those who speak up
  • coloring outside the lines
  • cage rattlers
  • people who say please and thank you
  • givers
  • true love
  • bodies of water
  • finding something to be grateful for every day 
  • you. 
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Photo courtesy of Sara Gray Photography