Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday

Keys • Camera* • Door

*Fulfilling the “item I’ve kept from a past relationship” requirement.
Not too exciting, but there you have it.
Shout out to Kristine.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Leola’s Salad Recipe Collection: Frog-Eye Salad

Frog-eye salad
I’m the keeper of my late grandmothers' recipe cards. I have a huge stack. In her writing, her friends’ writing, her daughters' writing. I have her desserts, muffins, and the most coveted of all, the salad section. Church Salad, Christmas Salad, Orange Salad. If you’re imagining green salads, you’re wrong. We’re talking an amazing Kansas farmwife of the 40's, 50's and 60s, and that means Jello Salads. Marshmallow Salads. And then there was this one… Ja’AmLo is hosting a Fourth of July get together at Gay Hill. Fireworks over the pond, BBQ, family...and the infamous Frog-Eye Salad.
Frog-Eye Salad
1 cup sugar
2 T flour
2-1/2 tsp salt
1-3/4 cups pineapple juice
2 eggs, beaten
1 T lemon juice
3 quarts water
1 T cooking oil
1 package (16 oz) Acini de Pepe*
3 cans (11 oz each) mandarin oranges, drained
2 cans (20 oz each) pineapple chunks, drained
1 can (20 oz) crushed pineapple, drained
2 carton (9 oz) non dairy whipped topping
1 cup miniature marshmallows (optional)
1 cup coconut (optional)

Combine sugar, flour and one-half teaspoon of the salt. Gradually stir in pineapple juice and eggs. Cook over moderate heat, stirring, until thickened. Add lemon juice. Cool mixture to room temperature. Bring water, remaining two teaspoons salt and oil to boil. Add Acini de Pepe. Cook at rolling boil until Acini de Pepe is done. Drain Acini de Pepe, rinse with water, drain again and cool to room temperature. Combine egg mixture and Acini de Pepe. Mix lightly but thoroughly. Refrigerate overnight in airtight container. Add remaining ingredients. Mix lightly but thoroughly. Refrigerate until chilled in airtight container. Salad may be refrigerated for as long as a week in airtight container. It also may be frozen, though freezing somewhat alters the texture. Makes 25 servings.**

*Acine de Pepe is Italian for "peppercorns", these are tiny peppercorn-shaped pasta. But I think I may have seen them on the shelf next to the Tapioca?
**You probably won't need to double this bad boy. 25 servings!

Bonus Recipe!
While searching for the above request, my eye spied this Blueberry Salad, and I thought of Rozanne’s cooking prowess with blueberries. I’m sure this recipe is right up her alley…
Blueberry Salad
Use 9x13 glass pan

1st layer: 1 pkg orange jello
2/3 c pineapple juice
1 c boiling water
Can of pineapple tidbits: SET.*

2nd layer: 8 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese
8 oz. carton sour cream
1/3 c. sugar
Chill until VERY firm.*

3rd layer: 1 pkg black berry (Royal)
1 c. boiling water
1 can blueberry pie filling+
Mix together-CHILL.*

*Note there are three times this needs to set, firm and chill: plan to make it three days ahead of time or something.
+I know you want to use canned blueberry pie filling, but I’m sure you could substitute fresh if you need to.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Welcome to Summer, Love, The Renaissance Faire

In the 1970s-summers-of-Southern California, the Renaissance Faire was in Agoura Hills. Dusty horse country. Today it’s the suburbs. But then it was still wild, dry, smelled like sagebrush, and just on the other side of the hills where they filmed M*A*S*H*. My sister loved to dress up. And I’d bet a good amount of money that the first flower head wreath I ever wore was at this Faire. I had my first Ginger Beer here. And evidently, I received this special gift that then went into my scrapbook. Here’s to a great summer. Thou will fare well in thy love this summer….

1970s Birthday Cards, Memory Lane, and Warning

With my parental unit recently moving to Texas (see previous entry), they shipped me several boxes of stuff from my childhood. It was like Christmas in June when I opened them. I’m still going through them. So this is a forewarning that I’m going to post some great stuff here. So much stuff I’ve forgotten about it, or things I remember once I see them.

The first… from birthday cards in the 1970’s. So much Precious Moments stuff, but then there were these gems…
birthdayhappy birthdayhappythis is so me i can't stand it

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Round 'em up round 'em up, get your links here

The Gay Hill, Texas contingent sent a bevy of links recently. God bless Ja'AmLo.
And god is blessing the amped up, let's lift for Jesus contingent....
Here was The Power Team, guys in testosterone overload who had come for a five-night Christian crusade, displaying feats of brawn and body-torturing strength, backed up with faith testimony and altar calls at Celebration Christian Center in Mesa.
Good times, good times.


And if we needed any more proof that Tom Delay is an idiot.
Prepare to be inspired.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Proof that Tom Cruise is Loo Loo UPDATE

UPDATE: I knew Tom Cruise would start blogging. He has very good taste in his blogger templates.

If you need to really laugh and admire a hella great post, you need to go here.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Something borrowed, something unused, and something smells good + bonus gift

Welcome to Stuff Portrait Friday thanks to Kristine

Assignment #1: Something Borrowed and Not Returned
I know. Can you believe it? The camera. Borrowed, never returned. Soon to be remedied….
Something borrowed...and not returned

Assignment #2: An unused present
Cherry juice scares me….
A gift given and not used

Assignment#3: My Perfume
Today, will it be Bergamot Citrus, Bulgarian Rose, Cucumber Baie, Fig Apricot, Fleurs de Chocolat, Geranium Pepper, Patchouli Pure, Pear Cassis, Pomegranate Anise, Redcurrant Basil, Sandalwood Vert, Tangerine Lychee, Tobacco Caramel, Tuberosa or Violet Moss?
Eau de parfum: fragrance chronicles
Favorite combo: Pomegranate Anise and Fig Apricot. Yummy.

Assignment Late Turned In for Bonus Points.
The week I didn’t play was the fantabulous assignment of religious item. Here she is in all her gloriosa….
La Virge

Highlight of today: needle in the ear!

Needle Macro
Originally uploaded by SNWEB.ORG Detroit.
On Day 13 of the infamous ear infection, a doctor today went into my ear with a needle, pierced through my ear drum, and drained the fluid wedged into the many complex areas of my ear. Staring at the charts in his office, can I just say say how beautiful the cochlea is? It's beautiful. And I never want a needle inside my head like that again.

Security System North Portland-style

We got a new security system for the house today.....

Ah, just kiddin'. I love it when friends stop by. See how cuddly he is?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Spanglish Spoken Here

En la casa de LeLo, there are two and a half languages spoken. The half being Spanglish.
I no longer use the English words for …
cierra la boca=shut the mouth translates to shut up!
Madre de dios=mother of god, translates to jesus Christ!
Watchalé=watch this! Look here!
Odale=check you out hottie!
Vata=homie, feminine
Mi amor=my love
Que hora es?=what time is it?
Quieres?=you want…:?
Quatro cabeza**=forehead
Flaca=skinny girl!

And my favorite phrase in Spanish, Que pasa calabasa?=What’s up pumpkin?

Spanglish consists of speaking entirely in English, but substituting the above words. Totally out of context, totally incorrect. I wish I could take a Spanish immersion class and totally learn the language correctly.

*my grocery lists are mainly in English, but these items I write in Spanish. Go figure.
**this is not the real word for forehead, it’s my weird LeLo word

This is Spanglish.. …But have you seen Engrish ?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I hate the haters

I hate the haters
Originally uploaded by Lelonopo.
Pride kicked off with these yay-hoos. Why do they do this? I hope they got their asses kicked actually. Please keep the bible thumping to yourselves. Praise be.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

What’s the big deal about Gay Pride, anyway?

About a decade ago, I went to my first gay pride parade. I was just coming out and figuring out what it meant to be queer. I read a lot of great books during that time, and my wonderful girlfriend, who had always been in touch with who she was, encouraged me to learn more about the gay community, issues, and the subculture surrounding queers.

So I went to my first Pride parade with my friend G. G was a little older, and whole lot more "out" than I was. He had worked professionally in the gay cause, and was an awesome gay role model for me. He and I talked about my coming out, about the early dramas of my now 10-year relationship, and his amazing stories of being gay and coming out in the decade prior, and what it meant to him as a proud, gay man.

G and I had a prime spot for the parade on SW Broadway. He wore his “I Marched on DC” 1980's-something t-shirt, taken out of the drawer and worn with pride that day. He was so excited. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought there’d be a few hundred fellow queers, a couple of floats, and some drag queens. My only other memory of Pride was from when I was 12, and on a family vacation in San Francisco. We discovered our vacation in the motherload of gay cities coincided with Pride weekend. (There were a few uncomfortable moments.)

What I discovered on the day of my first Pride parade, attending as a newly-found queer, was something that has and will always stay with me. Thousands of others—male, female, androgynous, old, young, families (!)—I had never seen such a cross-section together, in one place, at one time. Couples holding hands. In public! And pure, unadulterated celebration. In the light of day. Celebration for who we are. I was in awe.

G clapped and hooted and hollered for every contingent walking in the parade. Political representatives marched or rode in cars, and he ran out there, shook their hands, and thanked them for supporting us. All with excitement, happiness and pride. We danced along with the dancers on the Boxxes float. We saw people we knew marching, and cheered for them.

I saw fierce, amazing women, riding without shirts, on fast, loud motorcycles. I was in awe. I was embarrassed. I was excited. I was surrounded by people who were either just like me, or who embraced people like me. I was in a place that I felt safe. And I realized that was a very rare thing in my life. I was safe.

G and I applauded for every single marching contingent. But when PFLAG approached, G got misty. There were mothers, and fathers, and brothers and sisters, all marching in support of their gay family members. “I Love My Gay Son” was a sign carried by a mother walking hand in hand with her son. I was speechless.

And they came, one chapter after another, from Roseburg, Medford, Eugene, Portland: all vocalizing, and marching in support of those they loved. G told me how important this was, and how incredible these people were. I knew. My biggest fear at the time was coming out to my family, and not knowing if they would support me. We clapped as hard as we could, and thanked them for marching—mouthing THANK YOU when it was too loud to hear our voices. And we cried, for the families that loved their children so much to march in Pride, publicly declaring their love.
Tomorrow is another Portland Pride parade. It’s been 10 years or so since I went to my first. A lot of queers don’t “get” Pride, and I understand. I used to not get it either. But G taught me it’s about our history, about connecting with our family, and celebrating who we are. For so many of us we hide parts—or all—of our authentic selves, being queer in a straight society. Pride, historically, has been about letting that go and being true to ourselves. And seeing the thousands of others around us who are doing the same. We're not alone.

Tomorrow I’ll be true to myself, to the love of my life who will be by my side, and to the memory of G. Sometimes I think if he had been able to connect with the love he felt on Pride, he could have loved himself to keep living. But he’s gone.

And tomorrow I’ll clap for those marching, I’ll thank the politicos for making a statement by being there, and I’ll dance to the disco floats and their dancers. But when PFLAG appears, I’ll cry for G, and clap as loud as I can. And thank them.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I am from...

I am from wooden spoons, sit-upons, from strawberry kiefer milk and wheat germ, and a Ford El Camino.

I am from the house built in a lemon orchard, hot-cement-cold-water-from-the-hose patio, night blooming jasmine so strong it filled the house every summer evening. Throw open the windows and smell. From the play room, pecky cedar, bean bags and shag carpet that came with its own rake.

I am from the avocado trees, orange blossoms, fern fronds, the brush that smells like butterscotch in the Malibu hills, morning glories and four o’clocks. From firecracker flowers, grandma’s glads and a jack-in-the-pulpit that grows near the porch swing.

I am from drawing names and building and crafting the one special Christmas gift you’ll give that year, and snoring, from Dennis and Marjorie and Leola and Elgin.

I am from those who hold it all in until they explode, cackling laughter and keeping busy. From Rainbow and Sunshine of the Chumash Tribe in Indian Maidens, Bluebirds and AYSO soccer.

From if you pout any longer a bird will land on your lip and get some fresh air outside.

I am from Methodists, Lutherans, and Apostolic Christians. I am from vacation bible school and this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. I am from baptism at seventeen, chosen by me.

I'm from Camarillo, Chico, Sabetha, Bern, Oneida and Switzerland. From holiday cheese salad, strawberry jello with bananas and fresh-picked ollalieberries. From homemade salsa, homegrown carrots and corn that tassles.

From the grandma who drove like a bat out of hell on the farm roads in Kansas while her favorite Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass cassette played, the sister who traveled all over the world to land in Australia, and the daughter of high school sweethearts married since they were teens and continue to love each other to this day.

I am from Sabetha, Lake Nacimiento, the Pear Blossom Highway, Disneyland at Christmas, Zuma Beach and every state park this side of the Missouri River.

Thanks to Greenthumb for the inspiration and to this site for the meme.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Goodbye, Camarillo

I live in Oregon.
I left Southern California in 1986.
My brother, my sister, and I, have all fled the Sunshine State. (One of us has fled the country--this hemisphere!)

But I digress.

My parents have always stayed in the picturesque town we kids were raised in (or I should say, it once was picturesque. sprawl is quickly overtaking it). Tomorrow the parental unit is leaving Southern California, and moving to the next phase in their lives .

More power to ‘em.

But for me, that leaves no one to visit in the hometown. Where I’m from and was raised, has no purpose in my life for visiting again.

Does this seem weird to miss?

I don’t know.

But good luck Mom and Dad, with your move. Goodbye, Camarillo.
And your lemon trees,
and your avocadoes,
and your purple mountains,
and your sage brush in the hills.

As much as I wanted to get the hell out, through time,you've become so sentimental in my mind.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

This is NOT what gentrification looks like, part deux

this is the business, other side
this is a business
If you’re a frequenter here, you’ll remember the story of the nasty business that has popped up on North Lombard in NoPo. Well, things have evolved, as you can tell from the above photos.

Unfortunately today they were closed for business (that’s what it means when the tarp is down on the lean-to shack thing). When the tarp is up, that’s high falutin’ business talk for “crap sold here.” Yes, there’s now a business operating here. Or something is operating here. Junk and stuff seems to accumulate out front and I would assume that’s what they’re selling.

Don’t worry your sweet little heads though. The split log fence is still there. So is the battle-ship grey single-wide. And as you can tell, there’s a monster truck there now too. (The billboard is a bit more seasonal though. Yeah! Hot dogs!) Don’t get too excited about what appears to be the For Sale sign. It’s not. They just turn it around when they’re open, and on the other side is spray painted the name of the business. “DR Lockers.” Oh, that makes sense. It’s a doctor’s place. And for those who know me in real life, you can see how disturbing the last part of that name is to me…..

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hello Kitty + UNO = perfect!

Hello Kitty!

My very own Hello Kitty branded UNO game. Could there be a better combo? AdRi is home from a business trip*, and brought me this wonderful new item. How well does she know me to know how much I would love this? Note: this special edition features the “Love Me Not Card and Rule allowing one player to give and take UNO card petals from other players.” Petals. UNO card petals? Is that what we call cards in Hello Kitty world?

In other news, my post yesterday about having a Barry White voice was eventually followed by an exciting trip last night to Urgent Care. Aah, yes. That ear situation I noted quickly grew into a painful stabbing hot knife to the brain, radiating outwards to other portions of my head. Full blown ear infection. Welcome home honey!

*The business trip happened to take place in Orlando, Florida, where THIS was also occurring at the same time. Life's rough.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Hi. I’m Barry White. I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby

I’ve had this lame ass cold for 4 fricking days and I’ve just about had it. I can’t talk without having a coughing spasm, and about a half hour ago, my right ear went out of commission. Actually, that’s not true. It’s functional, but all sounds through it sound as if under water. I’m back at work after being home sick for half the week, and downtown is swirling with sailors in their obscenely white uniforms. How do they keep those things clean? Back to me. It feels like there’s a grapefruit lodged in my throat, and my sexy new deep Barry White voice is making me sing “I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby .” But that makes me laugh. Which makes me cough. Is this week over yet?


Originally uploaded by Lelonopo.
These two pretend to not like each other, sometimes hiss, one fluffs her tail at the other, they fight out their territories. But when I'm not looking, AH HA! They snuggle.

The joys of cat blogging Friday. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Midway at Midnight: The offbeat, tinsel carnival world was the stage for their warped love.

the Midway at Midnight
serpent of love

An ode to both Gay Pride and the Rose Festival FunCenter, all in one post.

Carnival…world of fantasy, playground of the unreal—a closed society with no roots, no home, no destination but the next town on the road!

Carny…a natural lure and temporary resting place for the oddballs, the misfits, the freaks!

Carny…the only life Mindy had ever known, and the one she loved—with reservations. For the carny had turned Mindy into the strange, tortured creature she was. A creature with a maddeningly tempting body she could not give to any man, a creature for whom normal sex was a poisonous snake lurking at the back of her min, a creature who could find fulfillment only with other “abnormal” women like herself. A Lesbian. But even as a Lesbian, a creature not quite like any other, a creature of powerful loves and hatreds, and a creature who seemed doomed to one tragedy after another…until the snake emerged for its last, slashing attack!

By Leslie Behan, Lancer Books 1964

warped love

Side comment: I thought it was only fitting to kick off Pride Month and the Rose Festival with this perfectly dual-themed book. The moral of the story? If you go to the Rose Festival FunCenter, the carnies will turn you into a lesbian.

What? You say you want more? …..inside the front cover…
Midway at Midnight2
They also love…
They’re the carny folks: the kootch dancers and the peepshow girls, the high-divers and acrobats, the midgets, the giants, the “strange people”…

They’re used to being stared at, pointed at, laughed at…

But they’re human, with human passions and human lusts. They must satisfy their needs and desires whenever, wherever they can…

Even voluptuous Mindy, whose overpowering fear of men stemmed from a shockingly traumatic experience, and who turned to other women for fulfillment….

They all love—and this is the story of some of the strangest, most exciting loves ever imagined.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Miniature World located in the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC

The greatest little show on earth!

A miniaturized extravaganza that continues to thrill and delight the young and young at heart! Special effects in lighting, sound and animation help to create a memorable experience, a lasting desire to return. Open all day every day! Special family rate, air conditioned.

Whatever you do, do not miss Miniature World’s website.

You can see the amazing detail online. (make sure to scroll)

See it turn from day to night.

Don’t miss out on the “live guide” aspect.

Even the president of miniature world shows up.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Yes, you're seeing things...

...I'm making some changes to the look here, and hope to replace the top masthead with something original. We'll see if I can figure out how to do that. If you have any insight or advice, bring it on!

Face of Jesus Christ Seen in North Portland Zucchini!

I’m excited to say that the squash this year in our garden will look mie-tee different than in years past. That’s because last Christmas Santa brought a box full of THESE AWESOME THINGS. No, they don’t have any in the shape of Jesus’ face, but there is the Garden Elf and Pickle Puss. And how great will it be to have a sauté of heart-shaped zucchini? Or a cucumber that’s shaped like an ear of corn? You know there’s pictures of these coming…

I can’t wait!

Sometimes small town news is the best news

City Hall
If the Sabetha Herald had on-line content I would link to it. Instead, I’ll just post the most recent Town and Country Friends meeting report here.

Town and Country Friends hear about 15th century
Submitted by Marie Roush

The Town and Country Friends Club held their May meeting at the home of Virginia Howerton, with all members present.

President Lila Eisenbise opened the meeting with an article, “How I Owe My Mother.” The ladies sang the birthday song to Neva Bailey for her May birthday. Roll was called and answered with the appliances used most. News was given and then minutes and the treasurer’s report was read. Discussion was held on the next month’s meeting.

Lila gave devotions, entitled “A Clue to Happiness.” Amelia Hoffman read an interesting article on how things used to be in the 15th century, and one about a T-shirt with holes in it. Lila then pointed out all the interesting items on the $1 bill.

Marie Roush was in charge recreation, which was a word game. The hostess served the guests a layered, chocolate-marshmallow dessert along with nuts, candies and coffee. The hostess gift, a bouquet of spring flowers, was presented to Lila Eisenbise. Next month, a trip to Marysville is planned.

Thanks, mom, for the recent packet of clippings. If I can figure out how to show on this blog the photo of the two guys driving to the prom on their John Deeres, I’ll post it.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The worst business trip. The list.

1. Layover in Las Vegas, switched airlines, had to recheck in and go through security again. Slow, loud, old, tan people. Lots of them.
2. Packed plane. Talkative 8 ft man in center seat.
3. On-board movie: Robots.
4. Pittsburgh has the worst luggage system ever. About 10 flights go to 2 carousels. Waited with a couple hundred other people for two hours.
5. Luggage lost. Filed claim. “If you need to stop at WalMart and get yourself something to get you by until your luggage shows up we’ll reimburse you up to $50.” It was 10pm. We had to drive through rural West Virginia for an hour. No WalMart.
6. Meeting is in a somewhat rural area of West Virginia. I'll let you put an image to that description.
7. Highlight at the resort this summer: albino alligator.
8. Still no sign of my luggage.
9. But I have $50 to spend. The resort has a gift shop with resort wear.No.
10. Box of materials shipped for presentation is nowhere to be seen.
11. Ask front desk for where we could get color copies, like a Kinko’s. Blank stare. “Kinko’s? For color copies I think you’d have to go to the mall. It’s 20 miles.” Blank stare.
12. Rush to recreate materials, find local printer who can do the job. Pick up job for presentation. (Shipped box shows up.)
13. Still no sign of luggage.
14. Décor of said resort includes the glow worm, of whom I’m fascinated, and stare at every time I pass. I want to pet him. He makes me happy. glow worm garden
15. I try to not stare at the 100 or so of these. there are a lot of these on the walls
16. Front desk staff response when I ask if they can check the other locations on the property in case my luggage was dropped off there: “I’ll try”. Followed by blank stare.
17. I asked a local what’s something we should make sure to see while we’re here: “Greyhound races.”
18. We’re the only table in the restaurant tonight with several people of color. One of the first there, but the very last served. It took over 2 hours. And when we mentioned something, were signaled in a “calm it down” manner. I could be wrong, but it felt weird.
19. Luggage showed up tonight. We return to Portland tomorrow morning. (I guess this is a good thing really. I can finally change clothes.)
20. I can’t get John Denver out of my head.