Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hello Kitty + UNO = perfect!

Hello Kitty!

My very own Hello Kitty branded UNO game. Could there be a better combo? AdRi is home from a business trip*, and brought me this wonderful new item. How well does she know me to know how much I would love this? Note: this special edition features the “Love Me Not Card and Rule allowing one player to give and take UNO card petals from other players.” Petals. UNO card petals? Is that what we call cards in Hello Kitty world?

In other news, my post yesterday about having a Barry White voice was eventually followed by an exciting trip last night to Urgent Care. Aah, yes. That ear situation I noted quickly grew into a painful stabbing hot knife to the brain, radiating outwards to other portions of my head. Full blown ear infection. Welcome home honey!

*The business trip happened to take place in Orlando, Florida, where THIS was also occurring at the same time. Life's rough.

1 comment:

Zoe said...

You should grab RSG and the HelloKitty UNO cards and truck down to Eugene for the eugene weblogger get together sometime... hello kitty is apparently our mascot.

I'm not the coordinator- but heck- you should consider it :-)