Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Spanglish Spoken Here

En la casa de LeLo, there are two and a half languages spoken. The half being Spanglish.
I no longer use the English words for …
cierra la boca=shut the mouth translates to shut up!
Madre de dios=mother of god, translates to jesus Christ!
Watchalé=watch this! Look here!
Odale=check you out hottie!
Vata=homie, feminine
Mi amor=my love
Que hora es?=what time is it?
Quieres?=you want…:?
Quatro cabeza**=forehead
Flaca=skinny girl!

And my favorite phrase in Spanish, Que pasa calabasa?=What’s up pumpkin?

Spanglish consists of speaking entirely in English, but substituting the above words. Totally out of context, totally incorrect. I wish I could take a Spanish immersion class and totally learn the language correctly.

*my grocery lists are mainly in English, but these items I write in Spanish. Go figure.
**this is not the real word for forehead, it’s my weird LeLo word

This is Spanglish.. …But have you seen Engrish ?


Gravely Gay said...

A girl after my heart. I speak nothing but spanglish, parents being Mexican and all. I love your word for forehead, I'm going to use that from now on.

Rozanne said...

I have always been terribly fond of aeropuerto--vastly superior to airport.

Usted is a good word, too--or should I say tambien?

Yes. I took Spanish in high school and miraculously still remember a few of the rudiments.

Anonymous said...

I love your words. I'm e-mailing this to mi hija (the only two words I know in Spanish - lol) because she speaks Spanish proficiently. I took Spanish in high school, but then I lived in the Netherlands for 3 years, and every time I try to say a Spanish word, I say a Dutch word. I guess the Dutch equivalent to Spanglish would be españederlandse? ;-)

I love your site and I love the people who comment. :)

Anonymous said...

All this sprangrish engrish talk is making me hungryish. Anybody remember the west coast chain "Red Barn" from waaaay back in the day? They had a drumstick mascot named "ChickenHungry".
You guys got it made out there. There is a Mexican place here in Montpelier, VT that has the audacity to serve straight-up tomato sauce on their enchiladas. WTF? How hard is it to find a latin grocery supplier and order up the real stuff? Oh how I long to be out there once again.
Anyone know the name of that place in Grandview where I had to look at the picture menu? The world's best Carne Asada. mmmmm meat.

LeLo said...

Throw in a pinch to his cachetas. Muy sueno y sucar. ( I think that means really smooth and sweet). Who the diablo knows?!

I'm so glad someone recognized the rediculousness of my made up word. Use it with wild abandon!

Little Sister:
Use your god-given españederlandse with pride! How much does THAT kick ass?!?!

You're probably right. I am often wrong, and make up my own language. You go right ahead and keep sayin what you're sayin.

Carne Asada. Drool drool drool. The best mexican meat, IMHO, is freshly shaved Al Pastor, from the walk-ups and carts in Mexico. Throw in a few saboyas, and I'm set!