Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Midway at Midnight: The offbeat, tinsel carnival world was the stage for their warped love.

the Midway at Midnight
serpent of love

An ode to both Gay Pride and the Rose Festival FunCenter, all in one post.

Carnival…world of fantasy, playground of the unreal—a closed society with no roots, no home, no destination but the next town on the road!

Carny…a natural lure and temporary resting place for the oddballs, the misfits, the freaks!

Carny…the only life Mindy had ever known, and the one she loved—with reservations. For the carny had turned Mindy into the strange, tortured creature she was. A creature with a maddeningly tempting body she could not give to any man, a creature for whom normal sex was a poisonous snake lurking at the back of her min, a creature who could find fulfillment only with other “abnormal” women like herself. A Lesbian. But even as a Lesbian, a creature not quite like any other, a creature of powerful loves and hatreds, and a creature who seemed doomed to one tragedy after another…until the snake emerged for its last, slashing attack!

By Leslie Behan, Lancer Books 1964

warped love

Side comment: I thought it was only fitting to kick off Pride Month and the Rose Festival with this perfectly dual-themed book. The moral of the story? If you go to the Rose Festival FunCenter, the carnies will turn you into a lesbian.

What? You say you want more? …..inside the front cover…
Midway at Midnight2
They also love…
They’re the carny folks: the kootch dancers and the peepshow girls, the high-divers and acrobats, the midgets, the giants, the “strange people”…

They’re used to being stared at, pointed at, laughed at…

But they’re human, with human passions and human lusts. They must satisfy their needs and desires whenever, wherever they can…

Even voluptuous Mindy, whose overpowering fear of men stemmed from a shockingly traumatic experience, and who turned to other women for fulfillment….

They all love—and this is the story of some of the strangest, most exciting loves ever imagined.

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Rozanne said...

Where do you find these gems?

Kind of hard to figure out the jist of the tale amid all the stereotypes about "warped love."