Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sometimes small town news is the best news

City Hall
If the Sabetha Herald had on-line content I would link to it. Instead, I’ll just post the most recent Town and Country Friends meeting report here.

Town and Country Friends hear about 15th century
Submitted by Marie Roush

The Town and Country Friends Club held their May meeting at the home of Virginia Howerton, with all members present.

President Lila Eisenbise opened the meeting with an article, “How I Owe My Mother.” The ladies sang the birthday song to Neva Bailey for her May birthday. Roll was called and answered with the appliances used most. News was given and then minutes and the treasurer’s report was read. Discussion was held on the next month’s meeting.

Lila gave devotions, entitled “A Clue to Happiness.” Amelia Hoffman read an interesting article on how things used to be in the 15th century, and one about a T-shirt with holes in it. Lila then pointed out all the interesting items on the $1 bill.

Marie Roush was in charge recreation, which was a word game. The hostess served the guests a layered, chocolate-marshmallow dessert along with nuts, candies and coffee. The hostess gift, a bouquet of spring flowers, was presented to Lila Eisenbise. Next month, a trip to Marysville is planned.

Thanks, mom, for the recent packet of clippings. If I can figure out how to show on this blog the photo of the two guys driving to the prom on their John Deeres, I’ll post it.


Rozanne said...

All that passive voice is making me a little queasy--not to mention the thought of a layered, chocolate-marshmallow dessert.


LeLo said...

I forgot to mention that my mother highlights certain portions of the clippings: that dessert was one of them. Mmmm...layered chocolate marshmallowey sugar.....mmmm....I believe there was also nuts served.