Monday, March 12, 2007

Charles Starr is an ignoramous: Senate House Bill 2 testimony serves up quotes

Thanks to a heads up and link via Portland Mercury's Blogtown, I tuned into the testimony this afternoon on the anti-discrimination bill, Senate House Bill 2. It would prohibit discrimination at work and for housing based upon sexual identity here in Oregon.* Lucky for me I got to witness the brainiac from the Oregon Family Council fumble through his testimony but throw out the huge concerns that with this bill, a man could just throw on a skirt and walk into a lady's shower. OH MY GOD TELL ME IT COULDN'T REALLY HAPPEN!

I was so proud of the politicians standing up to support it, and business leaders stepping forward as well (including Nike). But testimony like this brings out the brainiacs who say things I thought could only be left behind in 1959. That brings us to my favorite brainiac, Charles Starr. I've blogged about Charlie before and today he brought a few zingers. Thanks to his testimony today, I've been enlighted that "sodomy is still illegal in 22 states." I've also learned that homosexuals are intent on destroying this country's morals, or as he said it, "For the first time under the rule of the law, a small minority—an economically affluent minority—...would force their moral values upon the rest of us." Hey! I'm affluent! But Charlie didn't stop there, and continued with zingers such as "We should never recognize a class of people who are identified by the sexual practices that they engage in, their sex acts are unhealthy!" and "Lord jesus as his lord and savior, the passage of this bill is a frontal attack against Christians." Oh I just didn't realize that, Charles! Of course! Your ability to fire your GLBTQ employees simply because you don't like they're gay should be protected as an act of Christian faith.

I want to know more about a situation Charles referred to..."In Pennsylvania, two grandmothers were simply doing a little street witnessing to their faith, and were tried and convicted of hate crimes against homosexuals." For some reason, I don't think those sweet little grandmothers were just doing a little street witnessing. If anyone knows the truth about that story, let me know. Because I don't believe one thing that comes out of Charles Starr's mouth. And I certainly hope no one in Salem does either.
*I can only imagine what testimony will be delivered for the other bill soon to hit the floors, civil unions! I must have popcorn for that one.


bemused said...

Charles Starr is a ignorant putz - those are words that he can read and understand.

We've had dealings with him before but not about this topic. He's a foe of public schools. He once said something to the effect that people should pull their kids out of public schools. Oh, wait, it was something more urgent than that. I think it was that people should run out of public schools. That's all well and good for people who can pay for private schools but most people can't. What about their children? Oh wait, maybe that's his plan. He wants them to stay as ignorant as he is.


I hope someone more enlightened will take his place in politics and soon.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for your perspectives not only in this post but on RSG's blog the other day. You, my friend are an inspiration. Please, give us more-hopefully some of it will rub off on me and I can have just a smidgen.