Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You want a piece of me?

Alternate title: Get some gardening coaching (from moi!) and your money goes to support the Portland Women's Crisis Line. Thanks to the good folks at The Portland Mercury, you can bid on this fantastic package of canning lessons, garden coaching, sustainable budgeting and more as part of their Holiday Auction.
Self-sufficiency is all the rage! Luckily, Portland's chockfull of experts who have the skills you'll need to coax carrots out of dirt, can fabulous jam, green your home on a budget, and forage for wild edibles. Gardening guru LeAnn Locher (sassygardener.com) will spend two hours with you at your plot to review your space, talk about your garden, site spaces for different uses, and make a list of supplies and needs. Garden Fever of Northeast Portland (3433 NE 24th) will chip in some seeds and hand tools to put your skills to use. Preserve's Harriet Fasenfest (portlandpreserve.com) will guide you and a friend through canning the bounty, in a three-hour lesson. Then, take a forage-tastic tour with the guides of Urban Edibles (urbanedibles.org). And top it all off with Monique Dupre's acclaimed Sustainable Living on a Budget introductory seminar (sustainablebudget.com), where you'll learn pocketbook-friendly ways to make your whole life greener.
What a great gift this would make, and your money goes to a good cause. Bidding goes until this Friday. Get!

Read about the package and bid here.


Rozanne said...

That is a pretty ding-dong amazing package!* And def. a good cause. I went to one of their silent auctions a couple of years ago and thought they had some amazing stuff, but this year the items are unbelievable.

Anyway, good for you for donating your time and expertise!

*Speaking of "packages" did you notice that one can bid on a "Clone-a-Willy" kit?

bemused said...

How fantastic! Good on you, lelo!

Clone-a-Willy?! Do I want to go find out what that means?! Oh, heck, I do, curiosity will get the better of me.