Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oh St Johns how I love thee as you grow: Atomic Daylight

Atomic Daylight owner
Oh to think you can buy gifts and cool clothes and such in St Johns now. Jaime, pictured above, has opened Atomic Daylight, located in a sweet little space right across the street from Legong Gelato and the theater in downtown St Johns. I happened in by chance not too long ago, chatted with Jaime a bit and checked out her refurbished line of clothing. With an eye for good graphics, she takes retro kids t-shirts and turns them into grown-up clothes. You have to see it to fully understand. It's very cool. And, word is she's having a sale November 9-11th with one of a kind tops and new designs going for $25. New on her shelf are handmade cable knit gloves and some cool vintage dresses.

Atomic Daylight is at 8711 N. Lombard

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Monogram Queen said...

You find the coolest places LeLo!