Sunday, March 06, 2005

Before & After: The Wall of Roses

Before & After: The Wall of Roses

So, we did a lot this weekend. But unfortunately, I didn't document it all. But I did document this. The wall of roses.

When we planted these three roses 6 years ago or so, they were so small and tiny, we were worried the wind would blow them over.

Ha! That's a good one!

Today, they are Paul's Himalayan Musk on the far left, Autumn Sunset in the middle, and Lavender Lassie on the right.

They're all from the fantabulous Heirloom Roses in St. Paul: a must-see place to visit. But a forewarning: it's like going to the Humane Society. You just can't go and look. You have to take something home with you. But we've been so happy with these three roses.

But that Paul's Himalayan Musk. My god. Believe the catalog description. It's a tree climber. So today, we cut it back where it was overgrowing the other two. Hopefully, we'll have better blooms throughout the season from Autumn Sunset (the most perfect rose), and Lavender Lassie (so sweet!). We can't say Paul's name without lowering our voice a few octaves. He's amazing, yet a hardy grower.

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