Sunday, May 07, 2006

Big hair is better hair

Do you ever cringe when you see old pictures of yourself with a frightening hairstyle? I wonder if the lady shown here looks at this picture and thinks her hair looks good. But even more wonderous is how a stylist could have done this to someone and let them walk out the door. Do you think they laughed themselves to smithereens as soon as she was gone?

What exactly is the rationale or purpose for hair this large? Is it the manifestation of her aura? Is it hiding small animals or objects? Does it flip completely to one side as one complete piece when the wind catches it from underneath? What does she do when that happens?

When it's teased and sprayed that much, doesn't it hurt when you finally brush it all out?

What hairspray did she use to attain this architectural wonder? I bet it was Sebastian in the super huge white can.

I love the big hair quandary: don't see a whole lot of it here in Portland. But I start my day every morning drinking from the big hair coffee cup...
big hairbigger hairjust right hair

Deep thinking for a Sunday morning.


Rigo said...

You know what they say..the bigger the hair the closer to GOD.
Where's your big hair picture? I know you have one.

Anne said...

awesome, lelo!
i love the coffee cups
"hairspray" is a great film, and
this post makes me want to see it again!

Rozanne said...

More frightening than the hair, I think, is her face and the expression on it. Her skin has been thru the mill! And don't get me started on her teeth. Based on the weird fancy derby-wearing dude in the background, I'm going to guess that this woman is a member of the British aristocracy, which would explain a lot.

sttropezbutler said...

Darling...I live in the land that really made big hair famous. One doesn't see much of it these days however. Now it is all "bed heads."

Fashion is such a crock isn't it?


The Q said...

GAH! That's not real. Please tell me that hair is NOT real.

Having had curly hair my entire life, I cannot say this enough...I love, LOVE flat, lifeless, limp, stick straight, no body hair *so* much more than big hair. But even with my curls, my hair was never THAT big.


Kat said...

Ack! That's a real picture? She's taking a risk walking around with wings that big, one big gust of wind and she'd have lift off! :)

bemused said...

I think I see something peeking out from her hair...

There isn't enough hair spray in the world for my hair (what you aspire to, soozieq) to ever look like that or even come close.

LeLo said...

Rigo: You know I know I have one. If that's a challenge, I'll meet it. Stay tuned for a future post featuring a big hair photo. Now the challenge is to decide WHICH ONE to post.
Annie: I love the movie Hairspray! Especially the constant spraying around the head scenes, as if in complete bliss while the spray goes across hair and face. Misting of the gods!
Rozanne: She's a "very done" individual, yes. !
STB: I guess I shouldn't tell you that I'm a fan of the bedhead hair product line?
SoozieQ: Hell yeah that hair is real! And it's worked!
Carrie: I'm so with you on the danger of that hairstyle in blustery weather. Danger! Danger! Danger!

Nik said...

I'm trying to figure out if hassellhoff is for real.