Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are you filled with the desire to sing holiday songs?

...out loud and with others? Preferably in a room filled to the gills with fabulously queer folks and those who love to sing? (I can see those jazz fingers wiggling from here!) Then this is ***the event*** for you.
Welcome to Q Center’s revival of the classic cabaret, where the piano was the center of attention and Broadway was the only street in town. Cabaret with a Q is a casual evening of music, meeting new and old friends and light-hearted conversation around Darcelle’s piano.
Q Center has been hosting this highly succesful series, Cabaret with a Q, and this month will feature plenty of holiday classics, though I doubt this favorite song of mine from White Christmas will be part of it, but you never know...

This is my kind of family holiday get-together!


Rozanne said...

You aren't going to believe this, but I've never seen White Christmas. What the heck is going on in that song? How do you like the way Der Bingle smacks Danny Kaye right in the crotch with that fan?!? Was this movie ever mentioned in that book The Celluloid Closet? And how bout those sock suspenders!

Interestingly, my 85-year-old father had never seen that movie either until about a month ago and he wrote me a long e-mail telling me how godawful it was. I think mainly cuz he's always hated Bing Crosby for some reason.

Syd said...

Somebody...PLEASE loan me a razor blade.

Lee said...

syd, you can pry mine from my cold dead jazz fingers when I'm done

LeLo said...

Rozanne; I love White Christmas. Put it on your list. It's a classic, just for the costumes alone. And how can one hate Bing Crosby for god's sake?!

Syd and Lee: Bitter, bitter, jaded lesbians you are. If you were on this coast I'd make you go with me, and dress you up in holiday sweaters with snowmen on them.