Sunday, December 23, 2007

The package that went half way around the world

All of my family live in other states, or even, in other countries. We celebrated last week with AdRi's family: the big family food and gift extravaganza. It was fun. But for my family, they're all receiving packages. And word is the gift box to my sister's family in Australia has arrived. Actually it arrived over a week ago and I'm still laughing that my sister opened it up, looked at everything, and put it all back in the box and underneath the tree. Ha! Sneaky snake. But since tomorrow is actually Christmas in Australia (they're one day ahead), I figure I can post the following picture and not ruin anything.

Yes, I can make other kinds of aprons too. Even ones for little kids! So here is what I made my niece....
sock monkey apron front
And here's the back...
sock monkey apron back
We grew up with a sock monkey, so I hope my sister recognizes that those are sock monkey faces. It was fun to make, and yes, of course I had to put my signature pom poms on. Duh.

We've been baking up a storm, and AdRi is off and about delivering some of the goods to our neighbors. Tomorrow during the 2.5 hrs of daylight that we seem to have this time of year, I'll snap some pics and post them.

Radio Gretchen reminds us today is Festivus: hope you all have your pole up!

Stay positive out there people, even when drivers flip you the bird, your relatives say something moronic, and someone gives you a fruitcake. Grip and grin, grip and grin.

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Rozanne said...

The apron/smock is adorable!!!!

I love that your sneaky snake sister took a sneak peek at the gift. I'd do the same!