Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sweet summer '08: My office is outside

Summer is here: from my summer office
I blog a lot about my hobbies. Gardening, cooking, eating local....I don't blog about my work. But here's a little inside secret: I work a lot. Not too much---I've done that plenty in my past. But running my own business, having clients and projects and deadlines and contracts and invoicing and technology, well, it keeps me busy. And I do it all from home. So when I need a break I water the garden, or write about gardening, or make lists about canning, or cook up some strawberry cupcakes.

Working from home, I have a nice little office, set up just for me. Bright and cheery and great art and huge windows, but come this summer? I have a new office. In my backyard. Our backyard is a sanctuary: rain chain fountain, birds, flowers, and now a conference room table and chairs. With umbrella. And last night I discovered, when I was taking photos of myself in my office as seen above here, my wireless airport reaches so voila! Summer Office '08. I don't have my hard drive or my big screen monitor, but I can write and talk and research til my battery gives out. And then I can run a cord if need be.

Sweet Summer '08 also has a developing music playlist, thanks to some great advice and leads from some of you. I'm playing some of the new Erykah Badu, along with classic Queen, Pink Martini, Elliot Goldenthal, George Michael, Prince and Sharon Jones & The Daps. It's growing to be an eclectic mix, just like my summer is turning out to be: new and exciting clients and work, great growing networking and conversations, berry picking and baseball game outings, harvesting and preserving local foods in the kitchen, exploring new cocktails, parties and get togethers with old and new friends, and plenty of enjoying the outdoors. Even when I'm working.

What are you dreaming of this summer? Hoping for? Expecting? What kind of summer are you manifesting? My summer list is coming to fruition. It feels really, really good.


April said...

Oy. That sounds great.
We're hoping to get our house started, expecting to have to work, manifesting some crafty-inspired projects to sell at the local markets...yet here I am sitting in front of the computer...

Rozanne said...

Fantastic! I love that photo. Is that taken while you were watering the garden?

P.S. You inspired me to make freezer jam. It's delicious--and dead easy!

SassyFemme said...

Although I work in the school system I have to do 20 more days than the teachers. Luckily I can do much of that from home and just track my hours. I'm spending much time doing curriculum writing from the deck this summer, and loving every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

I really need to start feeling like it's summer--thank you for the inspiration. Thinking of making your Rhujito recipe tonight since some fresh rhubarb showed up in my CSA box today.

As you, I don't write much about my day job - technology just doesn't seem as interesting to me as the cooking, gardening, and eating stories. And the photos are so much better! Btw, I'd love to get some pointers from you on the food photography - always beautiful.