Monday, June 29, 2009

Mmmm Pie: Portland Pie Off is ON

You may remember the pie event from last summer. In case you don't, here are some choice photos:
Fruit pies were the largest category of entries
Admiring the beauty of pie
Premise? Make pie, bring to the park. Share pie, chat with friends, eat pie. Ribbons, applause, fun. Good times. In the end? We had 50+ pies and 100+ people. Of course we're doing it again.

Make sure you're following the Pie Off blog, where I'm a contributor and fellow Pie Commissioner. Mark your calendar and plan to come. It's fun. It's quintessential. It's summer. It's pie. And this year? It's the Summer of Pie.


A Lewis said...

Hold on you mean the yummy homemade flaky non-frozen pie crusts with homemade fillings sort of pies? Can I have ice cream with mine??

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

What a great idea A Lewis. I think I may have to bring a bunch of ice cream this year to go with the sweet pies. Or maybe savory ice cream to go with the meat pies? I heard dieselboi is planning to take the savory category this year... #mmmpie