Friday, September 25, 2009

I love Lynne Rossetto Casper, don't you?

I hope you've been following the Canvolution this summer. It's been such a blur. This week on the fabulous show, Splendid Table, Lynne Rossetto Casper chimes in with the founder of Canning Across America.

Lynn joins in and cheers, "Hold up your preserving jars!"

Thanks to this work and efforts, that's where the wonderful give-away on this blog came from earlier this summer. To think I'm connected, even so very distantly, to the great Lynn Rosetto Casper, brings me great joy. Awesomeness.


Rozanne said...

Yep. Lynne is cool. Bruce is not all that interested in cooking, but even he loves her show.

She's enthusiastic and charismatic!

Allison Jones said...

Oh man. I want her job more than anything. LRK groupies unite!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

thank you for introducing me to her !! she is great. i enjoyed the term "put up."

Cher said...

Lynn is amazing. And when you meet her in person, she's even more fabulous. (When I worked for WFM in Mpls, I saw her all the time.) I'd never heard of her until then, but I quickly became a fan. You've gotta love someone who loves food like that!

Anonymous said...

No, I think she's annoying. She gave a recipe today
(Feb.20) to someone from Seattle about pho, and she was making it WAY complicated -- especially for someone who said that they were a student and on a budget.