Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I interrupt this week with an important announcement from my dog

Because we all need more cuteness in our lives, Wink is offering herself up to you as a cheerful antidote to one of the darkest of months: February. I take too many photos of her with my iPhone, and never share them. The stash is getting too big and thus, they must go forth and cheer you all on. Of course, there are messages from Wink that go with them. Think of them as life lessons. For free!

Ahem. Throat clearing.

Everyone needs an adventure. Have one. Heck. Have two!
Wink likes adventures

Don't be afraid to take control of a situation. You might just find you enjoy it. Especially with the wind blowing through your hair. Fur. Hair. Whatever.
Bet you didn't know Wink can drive

Take care of yourself. Go to the groomers once in awhile. And don't be afraid of bows. Bows FTW!
Wink got a haircut. Green bows!

Get a full night's sleep. It keeps you young.
Tucked in

Revel in a hobby.
Wink's favorite hobby

Always keep your eye on the ball. Even when reveling in your hobby.
I'm guarding this ball. Even if I'm sleeping.

Work hard and don't be afraid to kick it frog-style and marvel at the scenery.
Resting frog style

We all have bad hair days. It happens.
I'm not sleeping!

Wink just sent you a lick. Did you get it?


Deb said...

Am loving that one of Wink in the purple coat! Cheered me up no end (my cute puppy is currently spending a restful night courtesy of the vets).

Love your blog too (found you via twitter when someone RT). Now I sound like a stalker. Great.


Unknown said...

you have no idea how happy xi is with this post..hehe she LOVES wink so much and can't wait to actually play with her one day...;)

love you!

Cher said...

Z. says "More! More Winky!"

A Lewis said...

I know I know I know.....I take tons of pics and then they just sit there. And Wink deserves every bit of fame she can muster. Such a pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm wiping my nose right now, Lelo!! An enjoyable post with invaluable canine insight and photos that are flawlessly apropos.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

very enjoyable post !!

Anonymous said...

I want to squeeze and cuddle Wink!

Lifeofkaylen said...

I love Wink!!!!
That frog pic kills me.

e said...

Thanks Wink! I needed something cheery and this most definitely fills the bill.