Friday, April 23, 2010

Exciting news: introducing LeLo Homemade, the musical!

Gnome in a sea of forget-me-nots
Just kidding, it's not a musical. Though I am tempted to throw up some jazz hands here just for effect. The truth is...I'm starting a radio show. It's an internet radio show and you can listen to it when it broadcasts on every Friday at noon, Pacific time, or via the web, or you can even subscribe to it via iTunes (to come soon).

So what is it about?

LeLo Homemade is hosted by me, LeAnn Locher, and while I hate the term domestic goddess, I love gardening, cooking great food, preserving the bounty of the harvest, and living a good life connected to the earth, friends and community. You too? Then I hope you’ll listen to the show.

Working in the garden is a labor of love and I try to do a little bit of it every day, when I can. Growing beautiful flowers—especially freaky plants—and produce to eat are balanced in my garden. 12 years ago we began removing our urban Portland lawn and today it’s full of flowers, food, bees, birds and a neighbor or two. And somewhere along the way I became an OSU Extension Master Gardener.

Cooking and preserving food go hand-in-hand for many gardeners, that I’m no exception. In fact, I couldn’t imagine doing this show without including them, and creative explorations that are a part of the home arts. Ah, the often-forgotten home arts. I believe the home arts are to be revered, honored and celebrated. They may even be a political statement in our busy go-go-go lives. Stop a moment, celebrate and explore them with me. Let’s grow a little goodness in this world together.

To hear me wax eloquently about my love of the forget-me-not, you can listen to my first show here.

Have ideas for future shows? Gardening or preserving questions? Feedback for me? I'd love to hear from you. This is a whole new realm for me and I'm just taking it in, and so grateful for the opportunity to share the things I love. Maybe someday, there will be LeLo the Musical, and if there is, I hope there's a top-hat high-kicking showgirl extravaganza. Until then, I have a radio show to turn out every week!


chook said...

i love your forget me nots. somehow i managed to eradicate them (not on purpose; i love their gorgeous blue flowers).

Kari said...

Does "Domestic Diva" work better for you?

Any way you slice it my friend, you are the guru of the garden (and the kitchen) in my opinion and I can not wait to listen to your first show. I am going to enjoy it tomorrow morning over a cup of coffee.

Congratulations on opening another chapter of your life. The radio show sounds really exciting. You sure know how to keep your life spicy!

I love the picture of the gnome.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

what a pleasant surprise ! being tech challenged, i will promise to try and listen. i am sure at some point i will figure it out.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though the link may be broken.


LeLo said...

Thanks for the note Randy: link fixed!