Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's blooming?

Paint splash on my zinnia
Plenty of things still blooming in the garden, in all colors and of all kinds. But this one caught my eye the other day and I took a photo for you.

Thanks to Renee's Garden Seeds (one of my most favorite seed purveyors) for this one, which I believe is Carousel and from her Granny's Bouquet mix. I planted them late, and they're providing lots of fun color right now in our front garden.

Zinnias are always on my list of garden annuals to start by seed directly in the garden. Note to self: plant these again next year.


A Lewis said...

Just today I noticed how many kinds of things are still in bloom and growing! The colors are something else.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower. A nice shade of yellow with pretty highlights. I bet it's even better in person.