Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crafters Gone Wild

It's no secret, I'm a fan of regretsy. Last week they announced the big etsy product for 2011, and it's Glingers. Gloveless fingers. Oh so good.

But I'm sure one woman's crap is another woman's gold, so live and let live. But I may still take photos of the products of Crafters Gone Wild, and imagine the back stories in my mind....take this for example.
Quilters Gone Wild
How could I not take a photo of the product from Quilters Off the Hook? I've been imagining someone dealing with some serious SADs who instead of knitting OFF THE HOOK takes quilting to extreme measures and quilt covers her car. I love this story so much. JUST KEEP QUILTING, SPRING WILL COME! would be their mantra, as they stitched and cut and stitched some more. The rain pours down horizontally, the mud builds up in the garden, outside it's a gray wet mess but inside? That god damn volkswagen isn't going to quilt itself.

Good times, good times. Are you crafting this holiday season? But more importantly, are you a crafter gone wild?

Bonus: If you're a fan of Amy Sedaris and her new book, I have two words for you: Gingham Bottoms.

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Heather said...

Currently knitting a sweater for a friend. She's paying me, but the exact same sweater I knit for myself previously took about four months. I like her a lot obviously - we're looking at 25 cents/hour if I'm lucky!