Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Back by popular demand: custom canning labels

Okay okay okay: I've heard you! I've reopened my Etsy shop to provide you with customized PDFs to use for your canned good products.
Yum Apricot Jam
As you may know, the story about these goes like this: I'm a graphic designer. I preserve food. I couldn't stand the canning labels or options I saw out there, so I made my own. Of course, I photographed my canned goods and shared the photos on my blog. I got more questions about my labels than about my canning prowess. People wanted their own. I said what the heck, and made them available on Etsy.
Apricot and Raspberry Apricot Jam in the Kitchen
My canning labels have now been written about in The Oregonian, shared on a kajillion blogs and newsletters, and most recently, featured in the new book We Sure Can! I thought I'd retire them after a bumper crop of customized PDFs last summer, but I'm still getting e mails from folks, so there you go. My shop is open and if you would like customized PDFs for you to print out and cut out at home to then tuck under the rings on your standard canning jars (regular or wide mouth are available), order away.
Pear Chutney
Happy canning! And most importantly, beautifully labeling! (Doesn't all of that hard work deserve to be labeled beautifully?!)



Congrats on all the positive press. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness, and THANK YOU! Our pickles wouldn't look nearly as pretty without LeLo's labels. Canning the last (?) sets next week, then I can tear apart the stovetop to clean it, and finally mop the floor one last time.
Lee Ann

Unknown said...

Those are so beautiful! I might have to make something to can or jar just to have a reason to use those.

Marshallk said...

I hadn't seen these before - they're great!!