Monday, September 17, 2012

Can google make you famous?

While I may be remiss in keeping the blog world updated on the blooms, projects and status of our garden, I recently discovered Google maps has been on top of it. Thank you Google maps.
Alas, this is before we had the trim on the house painted, and our street trees prove how solid of a cover they are creating for our once very sunny hot garden. But it also was taken during a time of year where the garden isn't looking half bad. The previous Google map photo of our house was taken late in the season when everything in the garden had exploded and any grass had turned August-brown.

Being the nosy person I am, I thought I'd saunter down the street looking at our garden from the point of view of Google maps. Doh! Look what I found. I made it in there as well.

Thank you Google maps car. You were so stealth, I didn't even see you.


Heather said...

Love this! I haven't looked to see if they've done an updated version, but at one point you could see a beagle looking out the front window of my house - barking I'm sure at that strange car in front of the house!

Kate said...

Ha! This makes me giggle. I actually walked out onto my front porch the moment the Google Maps car drove by, so that should be an interesting picture! Your garden looks fab.


That first photo makes it obvious that plant people live there.

How interesting that you were caught on the Google camera.

We don't have street shots where I live but the above image is definitely new this year because it showed a photo of a new house being built a few blocks from us. Fun stuff.

Alison said...

How cool that you were caught by the Google Maps car. I sure hope it doesn't come past my house any time soon, especially on one of these days where I am out there digging in the dirt with my big butt facing the street.

ricki said...

Yikes! I'd better stop going out to get the morning paper in my nightgown.