Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What kind of gardener am I? I'm not going to any garden shows this year.

I know. Can you believe it? No garden shows for me. Not the Seattle show, not the San Francisco show, and I didn't go to the Portland garden show either. Instead, I'm reading all of my fellow bloggers reviews and take-aways from their own time there (thank you for that!). But I have to admit.  I have no desire for a fountain made from three Weber grills.

What I did instead? Actually worked in my own garden. There's so much to be done out there, and with a stretch of days without rain, we seized the opportunity and got to work.

This may not look like much, but it was a big difference:
Spring clean up in the garden this weekend, before and after. This is one of about 8 beds we cleaned up. #gardening

We probably cleared 7 or so beds this size, and filled the back of a pick up with yard debris.

There's still much to do, including several more beds in the front of the house to clear. Wisteria to prune, bushes to prune, and roses to hack. But damn it feels good to be out there. I'm getting a jumpstart on the garden this year. Let's hope the weeds aren't too.


scottweberpdx said...

I actually started cutting things back this weekend too...it's so bittersweet. I love the feeling of clearing things away and making room for this year's plants...but miss the remnants of the garden.

Tammi@1914house said...

I'd love to see how you trim your wisteria. Like, if you wanna show pictures of it or something. If not no biggie :)


If it's any consolation, LeAnn, I've NEVER been to a spring garden show. Ever. And I've been gardening since Lincoln was president. (Actually it was Reagan but I'm kind of a drama queen and enjoy a good round of hyperbole.)

I also prefer to be in my own garden. I don't like the drive, I"m in Albany and I'm not fond of the crowds even if they are co-horts. I love me a good plant sale, but the shows, I can do without them.

You say your project doesn't look like much but it looks like A LOT to me. Your progress is evident. Nice job. I hope you'll post updates as you go along. It's always fun to garden vicariously with talented people like yourself. :) Now for a little more sunshine, please.

danger garden said...

I actually kind of liked the Webers...and I don't even like water "features"...I know. You probably think less of me now.