Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cool thing #59 about North Portland: a Tool Library

I live in North Portland for a reason. I like the diversity, I like the unpretentiousness, I like the friendliness of it all minus any posing. And I really like the independent thinking. Take for example, this morning.

We're doing some work around ye olde homestead. Mainly, putting in a mini-fence for the mini-dog. Because AdRi is registered with the local tool library, we don't have to buy or rent any tools. We go to the North Portland Tool Library, and check out what we need. Today it was a post hole digger.

And as we stood in line (oh, it's a very popular place on Saturday mornings), I got to chat up some really great people. One guy was returning a tree pruner, having had to remove several elms at his house that had been hit by the elm beatles. The woman behind me was there to pick up equipment to help her build her chicken coop. Ooh! I love me some chickens! Her A-Frame design would move around her yard, allowing her chickens to cultivate the soil, eat bugs, and provide manure as they went. Ingenius! They have hand tools, construction tools, tools to tile your house, tools for your yard (electric only thank you), and if you live in North Portland, you can register and become a member to check items out. All for free. How cool is this concept?

Once again, North Portland, thank you.


Zoe said...

What a cool place to live.

Anonymous said...

I remember a guy named Peter from downunder who moved his chickens around in a portable homemade pvc contraption much like the one you described and it was very effective. Small world! Hugs, Mom

sttropezbutler said...

Now this is fantastic.

Could I live in Portland?



Rozanne said...

Very, very cool. NorthEAST Portland needs something like this.

Isn't it cool that people are allowed to keep chickens in PDX? There are a few coops in our neighborhood and I always enjoy walking by them.