Saturday, May 20, 2006

The St Johns Parade Told in 36 Photos

St Johns Parade Mosaic
Portland is home to many great neighborhood events, but the St Johns parade is one of my most favorite. Here's the play-by-play as told in photos: click through to the Flickr set to read my commentary. Don't miss the Chess Team contingent, Santa-on-a-Harley or the guy marching with his edger (by himself). Remember: we all walk (and march) to the beat of our own drum. Go Shriners!

My pick of top pics: while it may not be the most exciting photo, it did capture the most amazing cape. This cape is covered in yellow, tree-shaped auto deoderizers. "Honey, get me my cape. Today's the St. Johns Parade!"
my cape smells good


The Q said...

I wonder if they're all the same scent...otherwise, that would be quite distracting.

sttropezbutler said...

And a good time was had by all.

I do love a parade. Especially one where it is about the people and not corporate sponsors.


Rozanne said...

Great pix!!!! Hard to pick a fave, but the cape with the auto deodorizers is hard to beat. Such ill-channeled creativity!

I've got to go to that parade next year.

Kami said...

I guess the caped person smelled good, huh?

Anonymous said...

You missed the Scooters! where arwe the scooters!!?