Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm a Pisces so you best not piss me off

I'm known to be Emo. I just found out yesterday what Emo means. But I love it. And it's me. Ja'AmLo also refers to me as Dramatron. I ****love***** this knew descriptor. Yes, life is drama. I'm known for drama. I'm known for tears and emo and drama. That is me. The life of a Pisces. And I'm done fighting it.

It is who I am. My strengths are my drama. And my emotions. And while it may be painful, it's also beautiful. I feel intensely. Music moves me to intense places, as does incredible art. Beautiful writing? It can take me down. Or it can take me to elevated levels of joy. It is who I am.

And so it goes with my birthday, and a lack of sunshine here in the hemisphere of Portland, Oregon, that my emo and seratonin and lack of a daily multivitamin all take hold of me, and with the passing of a birthday, they converge upon me and those around me.

It is what it is...
Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn
Take me baby or leave me
Take me baby or leave me
A tiger in a cage can never see the sun
This diva needs her stage,
Baby - let's have fun!
You are the one I choose
Folks would kill to fill your shoes
You love the limelight too, now baby
So be mine but don't waste my time
Cryin' - "O' Honeybear - are you still my my my baby?
So Ja'AmLo sent a few lovely pics, and I best be sharing one of them with you. We all had awkward stages, right? Here's mine... Mom. I know you read my blog. Were these glasses ever in fashion? Did we kids all look this bad backed up against that pecky cedar in the family room?


ToadyJoe said...

Sadly, I think those glasses WERE in style. At least... that's what I try to convince myself... since I had a very similar pair. With the same hairdo, pretty much. And is that a GunnySack blouse you're wearing??? :)

((big hugs for wee LeLo))

Kathryn said...

The glasses are tres chic, well, for the 80's anyway.
Love them.

Monogram Queen said...

hehe.. I heart retro pics. Hey embrace your inner drama queen.
We southern girls have a credo:
"Good girls seldom make history"

Rozanne said...

I can't tell you if those glasses were ever in style, but I can tell you this: My first pair of glasses looked exactly like them.

They sure added years. You look mighty mature for a 5th grader there--like you're on your way to an interview at IBM. And mighty pissed off. Was this photo taken on your birthday, by any chance?

OK. Now I'm realizing that nowhere do you say you were in 5th grade. Where did I get that?

CrackerLilo said...

I'm a Pisces too, so I *totally* feel this.

I don't think the glasses were in style so much as...were you severely nearsighted? Because mine looked sort of like that when I was a kid, and now the technology's lots better.

Happy belated birthday!

rodger said...

Damn, I missed your birthday. Happy belated Lelo!!!

Those glasses make me think 80's sitcom. You're adorable!

Anonymous said...

hey, belated happy birthday you awesome Pisces chica!!! Pisceans are way cool people. Water signs in general have a common sense I'm envious of...we airheads, er, air signs, are a bit flighty ;)

Mi hija is a Scorpio, and my best friend/Dutch brother is a Pisces (he's also an artist and VORACIOUS reader of EVERYTHING philosophical). Mr. Wonderful is a Cancer....I've got the whole water spectrum influencing my life in a lot of good ways :) No wonder I like your blog :)

Anonymous said...

oh, and I love the retro pic! what a cutie pie! :)

WenWhit said...

The glasses - and the wall - were so typical of the time. As for the hair, can we blame Kristy McNichol?