Friday, July 06, 2007

Covered in fur for the 4th of July

Hey, how's that heat? Actually, I love it. Sunshine makes me happy, and I'm trying to be out in it as much as I can. And I should probably put that into perspective when I say heat: wow! It's been in the 80s here! (You readers from outside of Oregon can go ahead and scoff now.) But I have to say this was the first 4th of July I spent wearing fur. Fake fur, of course.

Here's what the beginning of the day looked like:
packin the mini

Here's a reminder photo of what I looked like during the day (or at least through the parade):
Safety Pup Jazz Hands

I walked about 70% of the parade. The rest of the parade I waved from the open door of the van. There are no photos of me, peeps. I know I know. But I can only do so much. Here are some photos of the Dairy Princess and her float though. I was impressed and took a few pics during set up.
milk display
dairy princess
And then there's the really pitiful self portrait after I took off the god forsaken costume:
post safety pup: sweaty

I know. Not pretty. I was totally drenched. Completely and totally. But can I just tell you how fun it actually was? It's like I became a total kid magnet with that costume on. Kids saw me and their faces lit up, and they were mesmerized. Some started to jump up and down, others ran to me with open arms for a hug. I'd run along the edge with my hand out and get high fives. And in the end, my wrists hurt from waving the whole time. I caught myself on multiple occasions telling myself to stop smiling. I was smiling the entire time, and I knew darn well no one could see my face with the big ol' head on. But I couldn't really stop: people smile and wave at you, kids run up to hug you, it's hard not to smile about that. So I give this Fourth of July a thumbs up, even though I was covered in fur. And I can't believe I shared that sweaty self portrait with you. Feel lucky, peeps.


Monogram Queen said...

We are blessed for having saw you in your sweaty glory!
Seriously i'm glad you had such a good time. My BFF used to be our school mascot and she loved it.

Jay said...

We have a dairy princess? Can I book her for my daughter's birthday party?

Maggie said...

My kids go absolutely nuts for the big furry friends. Woodsy Owl, Smokey Bear, Safety Dog, it doesn't matter. Everyone gets a hug and a big scream.

purpletwinkie said...

The Dairy Princess looks so... um... happy?