Saturday, January 05, 2008

A post full of links and miscellaneous sundry items

Oh my. I've been called a domestic goddess. You know you're going to pay for that. But read through all the fabulously queer Portland blogger interviews and you'll find an interview with me. I feel pretty and witty and gay! (I hope you just sung that line out loud. If you didn't, feel free to do it now.)

Jesus has been found in a potato. I wish he was still blogging.

There have been some awe inspiring posts in support of domestic partnerships this week. If you haven't read them, make sure to check these links out...props to Radio Gretchen and PAGent, among many others, for writing some really lovely stories and viewpoints. And props to all those who came out to the vigil. You are awesome. Oh wait, I said I was going to ease up on the use of that word.

There have also been a few idiotic comments to posts. I'm just at a loss of what to say to those who say domestic partnerships should be open to everyone, not just gays, and who claim it's not fair. People, you have the option of marriage, and with that, you will get three times the benefits, protections and rights that my domestic partnership could get, IF they were available in this state. Blecht. We voted on marriage, and the majority said no. So now we're trying to get the protections for our families that we need, by cobbling them together in domestic partnerships. The hardships are real, the inequities are real.

Speaking of idiotic comments, evidently I made one this week and pissed off a bunch of people. Oops! Really sorry. Such a great example of how tone and intent can be completely misconstrued in blogging, and reminder to me to be mindful of what I write.

Sunny thoughts. Sunny thoughts. I'm doing a countdown until I'm here next month. Snorkeling. Sun. Sand. Siesta. Sweet. I. Can't. Wait.

Two books I received for Christmas I'm thoroughly enjoying. Lileks is hysterical. I swear we were separated at birth with our sense of humor. And Alice Waters, I can't believe this is my first cookbook of hers: it's lovely. Speaking of cookbooks, look what Maggie found this week and I am dreaming of ways to use. So cool. A eating local Portland cookbook perhaps?

Photography every day this year? That is so inspirational. Kudos to Fleur de Lisa for just finishing up a complete year of photos, and good luck to Rozanne who is just starting up in '08.

Had a burger lately? We did.

Kiss My Ass Cakes are available for purchase, and I even deliver! Here's a recent delivery at the intersection of N. Greely and Rosa Parks Way. Aren't they the cutest couple?
Kiss My Ass Cakes delivery at Greeley and Rosa Parks Way


Anonymous said...

I was one of those who said domestic partnerships ought to be open to everyone. I don't think I was clear, though that I think marriage ought to be open to everyone too. I think that domestic partnerships are a great way for someone like me who doesn't believe in marriage to have the same civil rights as others. At no point have I ever felt that this should be open to everyone just to fair things up.

I also think that unless straight people get on board the gay marriage issue, unless straight people take it on as an issue about what marriage means in this culture that a portion of our population is not allowed to do it, then it's always going to be marginalized.

I just find the whole thing maddening. The other day I just tried to be in a moment where I lived as a person who was not allowed to marry the person I wanted to. It made me deeply sad and that feeling keeps haunting me.

I've also been thinking a lot about marriage and my total aversion to it. As a married woman, I felt trapped and suffocated, though I loved my husband. I want something other than marriage for myself and others like me. And marriage for those who want it.

Well, we're all entitled to idiotic comments. My feelings surrounding this whole thing are confusing, illogical and unclear. Like love, marriage, domestic partnerships, blogging, idiotic comments, etc.

A Lewis said...

Whew! What a whirlwind of posts...I don't have any idea what to comment about. Except that Jesus in a potato deal......hum. And i do love me a good baker!

Unknown said...

You're a famous blogger now! I read your interview the other day and it's fantastic.

Thanks for the shout out, you could completely rock Project 365-- you almost do it already!

Kathryn said...

Wow, you are a troublemaker, aren't you?

Rozanne said...

You should totally do Project 365.