Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pom poms are meant to wiggle

pom poms are meant to wiggle
I love pom poms. Especially on this one, Viva la Spring. And yep, that's spanglish for you.
viva la spring!
See more over at my Etsy shop. Viva la Spring! Viva la primavera!


reasonably prudent poet said...

viva la apron model! yummy clavicles!

. . . i mean, uh . . . cool apron. it's pretty. . .

Anonymous said...

ohhh this is my personal favorite!
I get my bernina in less than a week. I have money saved for fabric and trim. Is that a difficult pattern for a beginner?
Hey if I get a chance to come to Ptown later this spring, you want to show me around the cool fabric shops there? Maybe grab a burger? Preferably sustainably raised?
maybe we could make it a lunch date w/rsg too? Let me know what you think. I think we may be able to swing a day trip in April or so.

SassyFemme said...

There's always a place for pom-poms, especially if they're pink. :)

I don't know who's modeling that apron, but very sexy shoulders, and I mean that in a respectful way, not leering.