Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I interrupt this series with bacon

Yes, this week is all about preserving the harvest, but it's recently come to my attention that bacon trumps all. Bacon you say? Yes, bacon.

All roads lead to bacon:
But then there's my new favorite blog: Royal Bacon Society. The best blog header ever.
We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming momentarily.


Samuel John Klein said...

The price of great bacon is eternal vigilance.

Indeed. Indeed.

Unknown said...

My son is here cracking up over that flow chart. He feels bacon should be one of the food groups. Everything goes better with bacon in his mind. Alas, I don't eat pork.

Karolcooks said...

OMG Lelo,
Did you see that bacon on the right side bar? It looked like a YOUKNOWWHAT! Scandalous. Another reason to love bacon.

Andy said...

Please tell me you've seen that it's Bacon Week over at BSBrewing.

Rozanne said...

Heeee-heeee-lar-i-ous!!!!! I am going to forward this to several bacon lovers I know.

You know what I'm having for lunch? BLT!!!!!! with tomatoes from the garden. The BEST!