Monday, September 22, 2008

Sometimes you blink and time flies by

Busy. I'm busy. It's a good busy though. Busy with work and life and fun and scheming and learning and experiencing. Experiencing life.

With that opening paragraph I bring you five recent photos from my life.

A client meeting. My client meetings are fun.
A recent client meeting

In a room with 800 garden writers swaying and singing along to the tunes of Queen set to the words of garden writing craziness. Don't make me explain anymore than that.
Goddess of Flora Choir and a ballroom full of garden writers

An important message from our sponsor.
smart women are very entertaining

I've come to terms with summer being over. I have proof.
summer is over


Deb Rox said...

Now I'm singing, to the tune of "The Thrill is Gone"

--the pool is gone
the pool has gone away--

My poor little mind is so vulnerable!

800 garden writers? Eight HUNdred?

Rob said...

HA! Smart Women indeed ARE very entertaining! I love it!

Rob said...

Hang on. The above sentence is just plain awful. Ahh well!

P.S. The first photo piques my curiosity. It has FUN written all over it. Was it fun?


Anonymous said...

hey Lelo~ I was there in the room. I am your witness to the 800-garden writers singing and swaying and having too much fun with PLANTS as ENTERTAINMENT.
Thanks for the memories,
deb prinzing

bemused said...

Oh, what a great photo of everyone in the room swaying to the music! I love seeing it from your perspective. I was near the front of the room; it was something to turn around and see what was going on behind us. Rock on, Chorus of the Goddess Flora!