Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm having withdrawals

guacamole: every day
Withdrawals of guacamole. And avocados. In the Mexican food pyramid, guacamole is at the top.

Pineapple is also on there. And El Pastor. But El Pastor does have pineapple. You can see it in the photo here.

El pastor to the left, beauty all over

See the meat near the flame in the far left? It's on top of a big slab of pineapple. When you shave off the meat, you include some of the pineapple. Sweet mother of god delicioso. It's just not replicable here in my Portland kitchen. It's best to not even try.

Other ways to enjoy avocados....
tiny tostadas
On top of those sweet pickled onions.

To see more photos of our culinary adventures in Mexico, from palettas to camarones, visit the Flickr set here. Buen provecho!


A Lewis said...

You've just done a nice job of deciding where we're going for dinner. Either Cha Cha Cha on Fremont (our neighborhood) or Aqui at 12th and Morrison. It's my favorite kind of food!

dig this chick said...

Beautiful photos! Oh shit I am so ready for spring and fresh produce. Ah, and Mexico. I hope for that soon too.

Heather said...

Good God! I just finished eating and now I'm hungry again! Maybe a visit to Las Fuentes is in order... mmmm!
:-) Have a great day!

April said...

my mouth is watering! i miss mexico, too, and it's been several years.