Friday, July 03, 2009

Gnomes: got issues?

When I mention garden gnomes, AdRi rolls her eyes. In fact, this morning I shared with her my latest column over at Just Out, In Defense of Gnomes. While she rolled her eyes and said "You are becoming that crazy gnome lady with tacky garden art" I had to explain to her the title of the piece, In Defense of Gnomes, is a play on the Defense of Marriage Act. Gay innuendo + garden writing is my forté. Own it. Love it. Live it.

So I asked friends on Facebook and Twitter, what they thought of gnomes. Love them? Hate them? Here's a sampling of responses:
Love Love Love. Magic Happens

Gnomes are right up there next to clowns: Scary!

Gnever have I thought so deeply. It's gnot that they are evil per se, it's just that when you turn your back, you gknow they're up to gno good.

Better than Santa, because you don't have to work so hard to impress them.
See? It's definitely a mixed bag.

We have 2.5 gnomes. Or I should say we did. Now we have 4.5 gnomes. The gnomes are multiplying, but not just on their own. Oh no. Evidently, we are becoming a gnome sanctuary. A gnome haven. A gnome retreat. Because an anonymous package was left in our mailbox this week:
Anonymous Package

Intriguing, isn't it? No stamp, so it was left in person by someone who wished to remain anonymous. Inside?
Dear Gnome Lover

Ah ha! I took the envelope outside and look who skipped right on out and found a place in the garden?
This little gnome likes hanging out in the trees

And hanging from the garden gate...
Hang in there!

Ah yes. The haven for gnomes. AdRi is worried. I can't help but laugh. It's all good. The others? I checked in with Seymour of the Woods, and we was too busy bowling to comment.
Seymour of the Woods is bowling

Stormin' Norman was too busy guarding his unusual plant in the Gnome Grotto to have much to say about the new gnomes.
Gnome grotto

Oh don't get too lovey dubbey with Norman. He may look nice, but at night? He gets his freak on.
At night he comes alive and chews on ankles

And one bonus photo. This was shared with me by @RichardMiller on Twitter. It's certainly proof that Portlanders may love their gnomes. And thank god, they're environmentalists. Proof? Gnomes tending their green roof:

They also love playing on my garden gate. See? The abandoned gnomes now have a home. So whoever left them in our mailbox, thank you.
Newly arrived gnomes frolic on the garden gate


Chicago Garden said...

Is the one with the bowling pins from Target? I got a couple of them from Target last year because they hide easily in the garden.

I'm a closet Gnome lover.

Shhh, don't tell annyone.

Recovering Straight Girl said...

Oh LeLo, I love that post! I am anxiously awaiting adding some gnomes to my garden. Maybe our gnomes can be friends?

Unknown said...

what a great surprise to find! i really want gnomes but have yet to find any here....there is one at the garden shop i frequent, but it's a bit pricey so i only get to say hello when i'm there. your brother thinks i'm crazy...not only do i want a gnome or 3, but i also want a pink flamingo...yeah, i think i've lost it..haha!

Rozanne said...

Fantastic and oh so very Portland that someone anonymously donated those acrobatic gnomes. Love the one on the gate!

I do not harbor any gnomes as of yet, but I am not averse to them as long as they are used whimsically.

Richard said...

4.5 gnomes! Gotta be my new lucky number.

But didn't you find it odd that those other gnomes had built a home for themselves?

I was almost certain they were gnomadic.

Heather said...

So what's with the .5 gnome?

Regardless, they're adorable.

Lachlan said...

I'd love to see photos of playdates with RSG's future gnomes and yours, Lelo. :)

Wacky Mommy said...

don't tell them I said this, but gnomes always remind me of pixies and that reminds me of Pixieland and Pixie Kitchen and that makes me sooooooo happy. (can you tell we just got back from Lincoln City?)

nice pix.

Allison Jones said...

Oh man those are pretty cute.

"Gay innuendo + garden writing is my forté" haha everyone needs a niche!