Monday, May 04, 2009

The gnome has been gnamed

Feed me Seymour, feeeeeeeeeeeeed me
Over 65 really fantastic names made it hard to pick, especially with an intuit who actually asked him his name. But we sat down for a chat and his little eyes light up everytime I channel Little Shop of Horrors and say "feeeeeeeeeeeeeed me Seymour, feeeeeeeed me." Thus, Seymour of the Woods is his name.

Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas here, on Facebook and over at Just Out. The lucky winner, "Bobby in Beaverton" gets a gift certificate for Bridges Cafe. Yeah!

1 comment:

Rozanne said...

Seymour of the Woods--great name and great advice! Of course, you know I love your title to this post as well. Hee, hee!