Tuesday, May 12, 2009

St. Johns Parade: some things change, some things stay the same

I've been blogging here at LeLo in NoPo for 4 years, and just about every year, I share a little somethin' from the St. Johns Parade. Here's from 2006 and here's from 2008. The neighborhood parade is a little bit kooky, a little bit old skool, and a little bit hipster now. The hipsters on bikes and community gardening groups are growing, but the steady stream of politicos, dudes in souped up cars, middle school bands, and just those happy to celebrate North Portland, the fifth quadrant out here on the peninsula, keeps goin'.

"Mom: I want to march with my chickens." "Are you sure, son?" "I'm sure."
I want to march in the parade with my chickens

This car didn't have a sign, but I like to think they represented teenagers in love, circa 1978.
No sign, just teenage love

This was a threat to all kids in the back seat who don't behave.
If you don't behave I'm going to squish your head in the window

The Beaterville Cafe Queen is always my favorite. Especially since she's atop a Gremlin.
Beaterville Queen was delightful

The fashions among the electeds are always interesting to note.
City Commish

But then there's always the Shriners.
my friend with his flags

And then there's this photo from 2006: looks like this Shriner has a favorite spot to always stand on that truckload of flags. I love it. See? Some things just stay the same.
shriners+flags=st johns parade

More photos from St. Johns Parade 2009 here.


A Lewis said...

Hey now, chickens have to be in the parade too! What a great day....I'd stop just short of calling it beautiful, fantastic Americana.

Rozanne said...

Thanks for acknowledging the middle school bands. You know how important that is to me.

I missed the kid with the chickens. I think I was too busy trying to get a snapshot of the kid wheeling his pet angora rabbit--Jasper--along the parade route. Jasper was freaking out--big time.

Heather said...

Ah, Shriners. Not a parade without them!