Friday, May 08, 2009

The big day is almost here...

hardcore decor's time for the St. Johns Parade! Oh St. Johns Parade, how I love you. From the days when AdRi and I lived in downtown St. Johns and first watched the parade from our loft windows, to now when we faithfully attend with our dog, neighbors and friends. The St. Johns Parade never lets you down, because it's a place where people march to the beat of their own drum.

Or march to the beat of their own edger. Yes, this guy just walked in the parade with his edger:
everyone walks to their own beat
A fellow master gardener will be selling her plants at the St Johns Bizarre (yes, I spelled that right) and I'm hoping to run into friends I've seen at the parade before. Will you be there? You should. Because it's classic.
santa in may
I'll have my camera. And if you're wearing your Cape of Car Deodorizers, I promise to take your photo...
my cape smells good
Everyone loves a parade, right? Right!

St. John's Parade is this weekend. More information about the parade, and information about the bizarre.


Heather said...

What a delight. It would sure make me smile, I'm sure!

Rozanne said...

I am definitely going this year--both the parade and the bizarre sound great.

I hope the guy with the edger is there.

Alan Cordle said...

Are NePos welcome?

Word verification: mananda

Wacky Mommy said...

Oh, Dear Goddess of Car Deodorizers, do I have the BANDWIDTH to do the parade? Or rather, to have the parade do me? I love when people from outside this part of town stumble over (into? under?) it and say things like, Whoa. I didn't even KNOW about that parade... Does that happen every year?

Oh, yes.