Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Escape to Witch Mountain

one of the porches calls
Okay not really Escape to Witch Mountain, but Escape to Troutdale just didn't seem as intriguing. Or sexy. But last week's getaway for only two days was just what we needed. We headed to Edgefield.


You know when you fall into the same patterns? And you need a little jumpstart to reconnect, regroup, disconnect and just be? Maybe that doesn't make any sense, but to me, it totally does. We needed it.

from the garden

To play together, hold hands, laugh, talk, and just experience life, together. We swam, golfed, walked, ate, sipped wine, listened to Chris Isaac live from a porch, and watched Bonnie Raitt live from the grass.

rocking chairs are made for rocking

And we rocked in rocking chairs on big huge porches on a summer morning.

secret hideaway in the garden

Our secret place to visit, and a place we've been escaping to our entire relationship. It grows like this tree. When it was first planted I knew exactly why it was there. But it was so little. Just a few feet tall. This trip, it's finally become what I knew it was for. A secret hidden getaway. A refuge. To get lost and find one another in.


My roaming with my camera and that crazy lensbaby lens feels good again. It feels good to reconnect to the things I love, and the people I love. Love is never a bad thing.


Unknown said...

looks like you guys had as relaxing and fun of a weekend as we did! your photos are gorgeous as usual..:)


A Lewis said...

What a place. i love it out there. The porches, the grass, the quiet. I'm so happy you were able to enjoy.

Flower gyrl said...

Great photos to remember a lovely weekend. Thanks for sharing (until I read the post I thought you went to Disneyland!).

Unknown said...

I love your pictures.

Please share it with the moms in the bizymoms Portland community. It free !

Wacky Mommy said...

Ahhhhh... perfect. Music, time alone, gardens... all perfect.

Miranda Raven said...

Great use of the lensbaby. I've been wanting to try one of those forever.

Leane said...

what a wonderful time together..love is NEVER a bad thing..loved seeing your pics..