Monday, November 02, 2009

Black peppers at the back door

Ornamental Pepper 'Black Pearl' have been greeting us at our back door all summer long.
Black peppers turned red

The peppers were a deep shiny black, until recently when they've turned this bright red. I love them and hope to find them again next year.

I think they'd look fetching with some airy green Asparagus Fern, or rising above some creeping golden thyme.

Their deep true black leaves don't lighten or show areas of green at all: this is a true black plant and definitely one of my favorites.

Black leaved peppers


chook said...

oh, purty. are they hot?

A Lewis said...

The COLORS! The COLORS! Wow wow wow.......

Marc Hewitt said...

We grew one of these this year. They are beautiful and they are pretty spicy lil' buggers too.

brx0 said...

I've got one of those too -- they look amazing, and mine hasn't died yet, so they're obviously quite hardy too.