Sunday, November 29, 2009

The best kind of gift: it gives and gives again

What if you could give a gift that gave to both your recipient and to others who need it most? What if the extravagance of many of our holidays leaves you empty and wanting to do something else, more, to help others? What if I told you you could give the most delicious pears to the ones you love, while giving fruit to those who need it the most? Naumes fruit does exactly that.

I recently received a gift of Naumes’ pears and am so grateful to a company who believes in delivering such an excellent product while doing good.
The Naumes Family believes that farming is more than a business or occupation. It is the great responsibility of being a guardian of the land to feed the people of the world.
For every pound of fruit purchased, they donate a pound of fruit to a local food bank.

It’s so easy to assume that everyone has access to the abundance of fresh local produce that many of us enjoy. But the truth is, convenience foods are often priced and made available more often, and the simple joys of biting into a fresh, ripe piece of fruit isn’t always accessible to all.
We’ve had family visiting and my box of Oregon pears have been so popular and delicious for breakfast. But to know that others are able to enjoy these same fruit because of the gift? That means 1000x more.

I know there are a million kinds of gifts we can choose to give to those we love, but giving to those most in need is a special kind of gift. With Naumes Fruit you don’t have to choose.

I hope you’ll check out their gift boxes and consider giving a gift of delicious Oregon pears while supporting a local food bank. It’s the very best kind of gift, isn’t it?

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