Tuesday, December 01, 2009

So you've been thinking about getting one of those cool Flip cameras...

..well lucky you, you can get a two-fer. Get one of the most popular designs, and, through the Flip for Good program, $10 of your purchase goes directly to The National Crittenton Foundation.

Of course there's more to the story...the designs for The National Crittenton Foundation cameras were done by me, as they're one of my clients (they do good things in the world, like all of my clients, and you should go check them out).

Some of the photos you'll see on their cameras may even have first shown here on my blog. Yes, things in my life do overlap sometimes.
I have one of the Crittenton Flip cameras and I love it. You will too: super easy to use, tiny (smaller than my phone) and the high def quality is crazy cool. But how cool is it that when you buy this gift for someone, $10 goes to support women, girls and their families who need your support so much?

Yet another in my series of cool holiday gifts for the season: doing more with your money than just buying into the crap!

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Johnice said...

Never really wanted a flip...but now I totally do! Oh yea, I have to have one!