Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Being open to surprises

Ralph the Sacred New Year's Rooster
One of my oldest and bestest of friends sent this photo to me. She says:
This is Ralph the Sacred New Year's Rooster. He showed up on our lawn New Year's Eve morning and has been our alarm clock for the past 4 days. Roosters are honored in most cultures and represent vigilance, protection, fortune, luck and a call to morning prayer. They symbolize sexuality, watchfulness, enthusiasm and a sense of optimism. The Rooster totem is about great power and mystery with ties to the ancient past and it is the enemy of evil spirits. So we figure that we have a sacred rooster in our yard. He says that you can pay homage to him with money and jewels and he will grant you fame and fortune in 2010.
How lucky is she to have Ralph the Sacred New Year's Rooster?


Heather said...

Roosters are awesome! One of my favorite memories of visiting a friend in Mexico was waking up to a rooster call. Your friend is lucky indeed (unless she's not a morning person!).

Kristin said...


I found your blog through Amlo Farms. I like this post. I noticed that your site's header is new and everything looks polished for the new year. Have a great one!

Nancy said...

Ralph has been a joy to have around. I live on a cul-de-sac so everyone can hear him when he cock-a doodle doos. He is bringing a smile to all the neighbors. He got a little carried away this morning though...starting at 5:30am (in the dark), then 6:00, then 6:45, then 7:45. Up until today, he has been waiting until 8:00am.

Anonymous said...

What a fortuitous series of events, Lelo. Reminds me of our chicken-raising days of long ago. [12 years] They're very interesting to watch. I didn't know they were the subject of such extensive lore. I hope your newbie takes up residence and maybe sleeps in a little.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

"fame and fortune in 2010," where do i send my check?

i few years ago my in laws had a dog who chased everything out of the yard. except a neighbor's rooster. the rooster would walk across the yard, go into the garage, eat the dog's food. and the dog did nothing.

and i thought, something must have happened. that rooster must have pecked him hard on the head at one time. the alpha rooster.

you have to understand how reactive this dog was to appreciate the story.