Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where many parts of my life come together

My professional life, blog life, garden writing life, volunteer life...they all collided in a recent interview I did for Exceptional Women Northwest. It's a new show, on the new online radio station Thank you to Doug Zanger for the opportunity and chat!

Listen to the interview and show here.


Best Wishes, Marie said...

thanks for the link. i will make and attempt to listen/ view. whatever excactly this is. i am not super savey with the cyper/ technical stuff (which makes it more intersting to know that my minor is in technology.)

way cool !!

Kari said...

I listened to the whole interview while I was cooking dinner- it was really neat to hear your voice (hasn't changed)and to hear everything that you chatted about. You sounded so calm, cool, and collected. A true natural!